Urge and Stress UI can co-exist, but Urge and Overflow (that's an odd couple).

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This is kind of long, sorry about that. With my Urge UI I'm use to having high priority gushers with volumes that can vary in amount. Lately I'm starting to experience on occasion, some no warning, wimpy, lazy pees. Like when I went from 90 degrees outside into a 70 degree air conditioned store. For me this is a sure fire trigger, and I should have had an Urge Pee pretty quickly. Instead as I was wandering around I had three no warning pees in a span of 15 minutes, they were 4 or 5 seconds with steady but not fast flow. This doesn't make any sense to me, because it sounds like Overflow Incontinence. I have IBS-C (chronic constipation/and or hard stools) and my Doc told me that it's a big bladder aggrevator for me. But I always associated it with Urge, and never with Overflow. Wondering if anyone else with chronic constipation issues or such has experienced this combination.
Giving titles to different kinds of incontinence is OK but if my experience is anything to go by they are not always that helpful and it is all to easy to get caught up in trying to define things too closely. I can understand what you describe because although I don't have IBS Ido have vary variable urinary incontince that is often unpredictable in the way you describe. I don't think it is that uncommon for people to experience things in a way that doesn't fit into a clear category.

When it comes to looking at treatments or medical help it is more important to be able to describe accurately what is happening than to tie a label on your experience.
Good points, thanks for that observation, I can get too analytical. On the IBS forums, they divide us into three general categories, and even within my own category people have so much variation. I can go from "C" to "D" within hours sometimes, so am I still a "C", and not an "I". No pun intended here but, Holy Crap ! I started to drive myself nuts, so I just stopped trying to figure it out and had to accept that its' irritable bowel SYNDROME, and that's the nature of the beast. At this point, I'm reaching the conclusion, and maybe I should conclude, that often OAB/UI behaves like a syndrome. It's not always "the Prostate is enlarged by 27 percent resulting in....". I keep seeing Urge sensation described as "a sharp pain", but I would describe what I feel as a "throbbing ache". So be it !!!
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