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Ups and Downs, guess who WONT be graduating

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Well my name is Travis B I get picked on a lot and Im in highscool.
I am part herm, which was very happy about the open mind forum here..but
found out yesterday, graduation was supposed to be today. what the **** is this ****. im not graduating cuz i failed SPANISH. LIKE WHO GIVES A ****.

the ever since i told about my tb tendencies like bottle/other to my friend which he told girls. Everyone thinks Im a creep, in short my teacher has a 2 year old. My spanish teacher has had it out for me since, been getting steady Fs and Ds in that class. I DIDNT KNOW I WAS GOING TO GET AN F IN THE CLASS THOUGH. **** THIS.
So now Im going to have to get low time at work (kinda ironic lol I work at chucky cheese).
I do ask for some help in my first post. Is there any way I can help people forget about the rumors of having tb life.
Well hopefully I will make some friends here at adisc.
Summer school ah.....


Hello I'm Jeffy n.n I recently did graduate however I did miss out on a lot of stuff because I slacked off toward the end and had a lot of difficulty :/
I don't know what kind of school you went to, but I do know at my school everyone was very clique-oriented and I was usually the odd man out due to my unique taste and insanely abstract personality. And also the fact I'm gay didn't really help the situation.
Here at ADISC you can feel free to express yourself, you are correct, we are accepting and even loving (especially me XD over-affectionate fox of the year award)
I'm really sorry that you got outed by an untrustworthy "friend" and got made fun of :c that's usually the worst that happens aside from a bad coming-out to your parents which usually NEVER blows over well... Unless your parents are either A. Don't care or B. are extremely open-minded.
Sadly, rumors get around, and there's no way to magically make everyone forget what they've heard. You have two choices.
1. Ignore the problem.
2. Falsify it. Tell people it's not true.
And I didn't take spanish, I took french, which is still bull in the same. And some people just aren't cut out to learn a second language. There should be some kind of fallback thing that doesn't keep kids from graduating.
Good luck with summer school :/
But hey, I'm really nice, friendly, accepting, loving, and talkative so if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, someone to just shoot the breeze with, or to talk to about something, you know how to get a hold of me :3
Also I suggest if you plan on staying a member of ADISC you should go and introduce yourself on the introductions/greetings forum and tell people who you are, what you do, what your hobbies/interests/muses whatever about yourself :3
Once again welcome to ADISC friend <3


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Hello, fellow New Yorker!

Well, I'm sorry your not graduating :(. I failed spanish myself, and I have no intentions on ever taking the class to pass it, either.

Since you're in NY, I understand that you know how the Regents system works. I failed my regents for spanish (got a 0 ^_^), and I would graduate with a Regents Diploma if I weren't going to trade school, instead of an Advanced Regents Diploma which I would get with spanish credit.

To be honest I'm surprised you can't graduate without that credit. Are you behind on any other credits?
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