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Hello to you all I used to post on here and don't know how to word this, a while ago I had to give up my nappy/diaper wearing due to a ex girl not approving/allowing me too(feel free to browse my previous posts regarding this)now I am able to wear again :) due to being with another previous girl who not only approves of it but supports me and plays little games with me as she did a few years ago. A few weeks ago we came back form a little break to Edinburgh ,Scotland to see a street festival I did take a selection of nappies along with me to wear while away but I was quite unsure if she was still as keen as she had been in the past so I didn't wear as much as I wanted to after a few days away I did ask if she was still happy with the whole idea of it she said of course so that day I decided to go out in public with shorts and a nappy under my jeans feeling self conscious as I did but to my knowledge nobody expected a thing even to the point that I went to a disabled toilet to remove my wet nappy my girl was outside of the toilet next to a man waiting for his wife and said she could here me undoing the tapes which made us giggle I now plan to go out in a nappy again and possibly poop outside and heading straight home after that.
So that's it just a little update for you all.
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