Update:Travel March 4th: Now starting to wonder should I wear diapers during the daytime when in Rome

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Hey everyone,
I just wanted to give you all an update as to how my Rome trip went and having to tell my friend that I still wet the bed and have to wear diapers during the nighttime. My original post can be found Here Anyways I did finally end up mustering up the courage to tell her and I told her that I need to tell her something and that I'm really embarrassed about this issue of mine. After having told her about my bedwetting and having to wear diapers she had replied that I had nothing to worry about and that it was cool and I was being very silly about being nervous.

Anyways I ended up meeting her at LAX and we flew out to Philadelphia and then made a connecting flight to Rome. I ended up packing a bunch of Tena Slip Maxi's diapers for my trip since they're pretty thin and discreet and seem to control odor pretty well for me. I did wearing a diaper to and from Rome which I helped me sleep on the plane and not have to worry about having any accident.

When we arrived in Rome and on the first night I just did my business and went into the bathroom and just for diapered like regular. She did asked how long I've been wetting my bed and I told her I've wet my bed since the 6th Grade. I even walked around in just my diaper and bra one morning and she didn't seem to care at all. Overall I'm glad I ended up telling her about my bedwetting It just made it so more relaxing then worrying about wetting the bed and have to hide my diapers from her. I hope to travel with her again soon.

PS I ended up not wearing diapers during the daytime only when we traveled during the flights.
Well, now there you go! Didn't we say you had nothing to worry about? I know that more than one of us said that if she was a true friend then she wouldn't have a problem with it. I'm so glad that you plucked up the courage to tell her beforehand. If you hadn't and she'd found out for herself then she might have freaked out. I truly believe that the vast majority of people would act in the way she did and accept it without question if the situation is explained to them.

So glad your trip went well. Here's to future trips - safely diapered, of course!
Glad all was ok, it's always best to let your traveling companions know of the issue and it takes a lot of stress away
Glad things went well for you, and that your friend was okay with you wearing diapers. But, as a true friend she shouldn't mind at all and for travelling, it is always better to wear incase of an accident. I felt apprehensive the first time I flew from Heathrow to Boston, wearing a diaper, but my main worry was the body scanners at the airport. I needed have worried, as I went through in a dry nappy and wasn't even pulled out of line, so I had been anxious for nothing.
@Andromeda I've gone through airport body scanners a couple of times with a soaking wet diaper which made me very nervous but All that happened was they just asked me to step aside and did a patdown and then I was free to go.
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