update on stuffing tissue in underwear and wetting.


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it didn’t work, it actaully held a resent amount but failed yet again. i am desperate but only have tissues, and a small towel that i can use. i think that if i put enough tissues in my underwear it might be able to hold all my pee, but i dotn want to use the whole box and then i will have to flush them in bits. if i flush more then 2 times my parents will defo be suspicious. if anyone has any suggestions lmk.
Okay, if you can wash the towel secretly and have access to trashbags, this will work. Grocery bags might work too if you are small. Stuff the towel into your underwear and pull on the trash bag like pants, poking holes in the bottom for your feet. Pull it on so that the plastic stretches and forms a seal around your legs. Stuff the excess of the trash bag into the waistband of the underwear but make sure it goes between the underwear and the towel. Don't put it under the towel or it will be less absorbent and uncomfortable. Any diaper without a waterproof outer layer will leak very quickly, so if you do not have access to trash bags or something similar, I would not suggest attempting to make your own diaper.
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There's an article on how to make makeshift diapers. Any number of things can be used for padding, but if you don't want to end up standing in a puddle, you'll need some sort of waterproof material for the outside. Trash bags are what most people seem to use.