Update on My Search for a Onesie and Plastic Pants

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A few months ago I posted a thread sharing my experience with shopping for anti-leak accessories, namely plastic pants and a onesie. The thread can be found here, but it is now closed.

To recap, I bought a onesie from Baby Pants and a pair of plastic pants from Fetware. The onesie ended up being too big (I measured properly, the size chart was just wrong), and the plastic pants were too abrasive.

I've recently continued my search for ways to prevent/minimize leaking from a proper-fitting premium disposable. Today I received a new onesie and pair of plastic pants, both from Baby Pants, and I'm happy to say that my search is over! (for now...)

I ordered the "Honey Bear" plastic pants (which excite my inner AB in the perfect way) for $14.95, and the "Blue Dinosaurs" onesie for $29.95.

This time I ordered medium sizes for both, which made a night-and-day difference. I am 6'0", 185lbs, and when diapered my waist is 40" and my trunk from collarbone to groin is 35". In my previous thread I detailed my disappointment with the large onesie I ordered from Baby Pants, because even after 4-5 washes on hot, it was still too loose in the crotch to have any function (the whole point of getting a onesie was to prevent sagging/shifting in the night). The medium I got today is a far better fit than the large, and even before washing it the fit was comfortably snug at the groin. After a couple washes it hugs a full diaper perfectly, providing ample support without being uncomfortable or so tight that it presses the diaper out.

The plastic pants fit perfectly at the elastic edges on the waist and legs, but still have TONS of room for double or even triple diapering (being partial to disposables, I don't do this very often, but sometimes the mood does strike...). I love the design, and they do give me a lot of peace of mind about leaks when I wear around the house. The pair I got are printed vinyl Gary pants, and they do cause my skin outside the diaper to get a little hot and clammy. I suspect that either terry-lined or PUL plastic pants might be more comfortable, but for my first pair, I couldn't be more pleased.

I'm wearing both over an Abena M4 right now, and I'm a happy baby!

Hope this helps anyone who is looking to offset sagging/leaks or is just looking to add a onesie or plastic pants to their AB wardrobe!
Ugh, I wish I had seen your post a week ago. I ordered an XL oneszie from baby pants, using their size chart. I was really worried about sizing because I am 6'5" and was worried I wouldn't be able to find something long enough without being too huge. Well, it arrived today and it looks way too long. I am going to be washing in hot water and drying on the highest heat a number of times to try to shrink, but, after seeing your post, I am now wishing I had gotten the Large instead.
I think for a lot of AB stuff, you just have to waste some money before you find your correct size. And just as soon as you've accomplished finding the right size with one company, you start all over when you order from another company. To bad there aren't brick and mortar stores where you could go in a try on this stuff. I don't guess that would be too embarrassing?
I love Baby Pants products but they do seem to run rather large glad you found the right size.
I am 6'2" and 38" from neck to crotch. A medium Baby Pants onesie turned out a tad bit small for me. I hang-dry it so it doesn't get any smaller! I wear a very thick cloth diaper and Gary plastic pants. My next one will be size large.
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