Upcoming concerts!

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Don't know how many of you are hitting up concerts that are in your area, but I'm looking forward to a couple coming through our area. I'm fortunate enough to have done well enough in my career to where I can afford upgrades on things, so I've bought VIP passes to the shows. Two bands coming to the area I plan to see are:

Halestorm -- I have meet and greet tickets for them!
Godsmack -- VIP passes that include getting to watch the show from side stage!

Anybody else got something cool coming up?
Not anymore last weekend though I had Foo Fighters, Mumford and Sons, The Flaming Lips, James Vincent McMorrow and a bunch of other people here for a huge two day festival. It was awesome to say the least :)
I'm seeing Van Halen in about a week. David Lee Roth can't sing to save his life anymore but it should still be pretty awesome.
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