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Unoriginal Introduction Thread Title

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  1. Adult Baby
  2. Diaper Lover
Maybe slightly original...
Anyway, turns out my parents went out of town for a few weeks so I got to Googling for some resources and ended up here! I found these forums to be quite helpful and informative. Thank you!

Anyway, about me. I'm a student going to a local college, then planning on transferring to a university after I get my AA. I spend copious amounts of time on the internet and work part time. I'm a furry and have a DL streak in me, I've just kept it to myself until now. Oh, I play WoW on and off, as well (in binges, I guess).

I'm not a very good poster, so I suppose I might be receiving a lurker tag at some point, but I'll try. Thanks again for being an awesome and supportive community!
Not open for further replies.