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  1. Diaper Lover
hmm i'm Smart... i mean my name is Smart, not that I am smart, though I guess technically I am smart... not that that needs to be said...

I am a dl who just sort of lurks most of the time... i like diaper and regression stories and stuff, not actually much of an ab though i am a bit curious about diapers and i do have a pacifier i use on occasion but yeah...

outside of that I am a comic book nerd, I lean towards marvel, I love superhero tv shows as well and i'm into like minecraft and yu-gi-oh on occasion.

I have aspergers I am asexual, I am an aromantic asexual, and I think I may be agender, though i am physically male and its hard to really say what gender feels like if i do have it... oh and i am an atheist... any more As?...not that i can think of.. asshole? only on occasion...

so yeah hi... imma go lurk nao
Welcome Smart! No lurking allowed! JK. You get out of this site whatever you want - a lot, or a little, but it's always entertaining and educational here.

Are you by chance a "Gotham" fan? Love that show!
Are you by chance a "Gotham" fan? Love that show!

I actually am still a little bit behind from last season on that show, I need to catch up though because I have heard good things about the new season...
It is off to a good start. :)
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