Tykables snappies rompers


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Good day all, I received my first ever snappies romper from tykables size L.
After washing I decided to try it out, my first impression is that it’s made from great durable cuts of fabric, the seams seem well constructed and the multiple metal buttons for the flap are spaced perfectly for thicker diapers (they don’t cut into the diaper or thigh area)
After putting it on while wearing a new tykables waddler, the onesie supported / hugged all the right areas, but didn’t feel restrictive either, very comfortable.
Sleeping in it for the night & wetting during the night, I felt very supported, no movement or settling either.
My preliminary thoughts here is that I’m going to ask my wife for more of these, they’re more heavy duty then the thinner big tots onesies which I also really like.
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Tykables snappies are the only onsies in my drawers. I absolutely love them. The new hoodies are great too. Love how it's a onsie sewn inside an overshirt. You can either tuck the shirt in or leave it untucked.
I do own one of the rompers and I really don't like it. I don't think it supports the diaper like a regular snappies and I don't like the legs. The legs feel like I'm wearing boxer briefs instead of my usual tighty whities. I definitely do not like boxer briefs.
I'll always buy my snappies at Tykables.