Tykables BOGO 1/2 Cases: Last day of sale

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Surprised no one made a thread about this a few days ago but this whole weekend tykables has had a BOGO 1/2 off a case sale to celebrate their 2 year milestone in our market, they also seem to have revamped their website a bit again, looks nice!

2 cases adding up to 202.50 making it 101.25/per case, 12.66/per bag or 1.27/per diaper whichever way you look at it, it's a reaaaalllllly good deal imo! Todays the last day though so get to it
FYI this is NOT a "BOGO" (Buy One Get One), this is a "buy one, get one half off". In simpler terms, it means "25% off, with a minimum order of 2"

(most people will be thinking "half price!" when they see "BOGO")
I think I saw them tweet something about this (or maybe it was an email?). I've never tried Tykables, but I want to. It is a good deal but that's still waaaay too expensive for me to shell out at the moment. Besides, I'm totally an ABU fanboy now after their release of the Space and Little Pawz diapers (not to mention I still like the all plastic Abenas and Molicares). Still though, I hope I got some more funds available the next time they do this or they have sales like this again except for maybe smaller quantities.
I bit, I just hope I like them. Lol. I've never tried them before but it was a good price per diaper.
I bought some when they were clearing out old Snuggies Overnight stock and I've been wearing them ever since, I like them better than any other diaper I've tried with the exception of Goodnites in some instances. They aren't particularly loud and they can handle a beating in terms of wetting.
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