Two of us in diapers!

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Yup. There are now two of us in the house in diapers! My baby daughter was born last Monday at noon! She is amazing. She is 4 weeks early, but doing great!

We are finally home and settled, and the one thing I could not wait to do was get diapered! My first time changing my daughter really showed me where I am as an AB/DL! My wife was joking around telling me I should be pro! She told me to do like just like yours. Easier said than done, as she is so tiny and squirmy! But, I have gotten better at it.

I whispered to her last night as I was changing her "Nothing like a fresh diaper, huh?"

I told my wife we are "Pampers Home" and she said that was fine. I feel bad for my daughter though...I think Daddy's diapers are better!

So, I am going to enjoy being diapered with my new daughter. At least until I have to hide it when she gets old enough to notice! Maybe she will be good with it...who knows! (I mean really, have you heard what they are teaching kids today!)

I would love to hear any advice from new AB/Dl Dads!

Congratulations! So sweet. Nice story.
Yeah....congrats. I gave up diapers when our kids were born, but of course, it returned with a vengeance several years later. Usually I did a passable job changing diapers, but sometimes they would just fall off. It isn't easy putting diapers on a squirming child. I on the other hand, never squirm.
A baby is a whole new experience. We are happy for you. Enjoy.
Conggrats! I never changed a diaper until my son was born. Only a few since, mostly my own. ;) No advice other than sometimes babies pee (and poop) during a change. Keep a fresh one within reach or you will be washing the pad/mattress.
Now you have to be "Daddy".
Congrats I remember those days mine is 14 months old I still wear mine and I'll be hiding my diapers also when gets bigger
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