Two Diaper Dreams

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So i have had two diaper related dreams recently (both with my fantasy diaper: a huggies that is my size)

So in my first one I was wearing my fantasy diaper but it was extremely wet and heavy with water (And I loved it :3) and for the entire dream I was just in this room enjoying it and debating whether or not to pour more cold water in it.

Now my second one was kind of all over the place, I can't recall too much of it but I was wearing nothing but a dry huggies the entire time and nobody minded it.

I never had dreams where I was wearing diapers and these just suddenly happened Thursday night and last night, and it was with my fantasy diaper :D

So have you had any dreams like this? What is your fantasy diaper?
I don't know if I have a fantasy diaper, as such, but I've had tons of dreams regarding diapers, or toilet activities. I could write an entire book of anecdotes, but the main theme is that the people in my life know about the diapers and I am typically encouraged to wet, or use them in a public way.
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