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So I wet about 3 times in my Abena Abriflex M3. The front was really nice and bulky and enjoyable. But the back padding had hardly absorbed anything. So as an experiment I took it off and turned it around. I moved it around a bit to make sure it felt comfy and wasn't leaving me unprotected anywhere. Then I wet twice more in it. All the unused padding now appears to have absorbed the liquid. So, I turned it around the intended way again. What a great feeling! All the padding fully used. Nice bulky feeling as I walk around the house. This has to be what a toddler feels like after they fill their diaper! I love it. Has anyone else turned their diaper around to get full use of it?
I have with pull ups like you did when I'm out and not near my changing supplies. You have to be aware not to sit on it too hard or for long. I've only done it to extend time to get to a change while still being a bit protected.
I do the same thing with ATN diapers. I put it on backward first and then turn it around. It fits better that way. I don't have to do that method when I'm using some other brands.
if you'd lay on your back you'd make much better use of your diaper...
While wearing that particular diaper I didn't start out by peeing while laying on my back. I suppose I could have simply done that too. However turning it around seemed to do a significantly better job of engaging the SAP in the rear than laying down does. I will have to try that flipping around my Allways Discreet pull ups too and see how they respond. Although they certainly don't have the capacity of the Abenas.
bambinod said:
if you'd lay on your back you'd make much better use of your diaper...


I generally like to wear a Goodnite with holes under an ATN or Tena. If you reposition yourself so that different areas get wet, that combo can hold a hell of a lot. I can go 7 hours or more with constant wetting.

I used to wear the Goodnite backwards because they would allegedly hold more since they are designed for younger anatomy and the bulk of the SAP is in the front and not the bottom. But I didn't really notice a difference in capacity by doing so, so I just wear them forwards. More comfortable anyway.
I'be turned the diaper around in a pinch. For me, it was uncomfortable and irritated my skin. It ended up leaking when I sat as well.
When I first started wearing tena comfort pads for bed and had to buy them my self I would use them twice by turning them round to save money.
Actually I don't think it even crosses a toddlers mind,they know no different so have no point of reference, you have to grow and became "adult" to appreciate the simpler times just you and your diaper a plushie in tow, filling your diaper as you toddle along just enjoying the go .

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