TS Feedback/Update and March Dates


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I have created a feedback poll for the TS chats hoping maybe to fine tune some things and hear from members about what they think of it. Please take some time to fill it out here: https://www.adisc.org/forum/showthr...and-Feedback?p=1353468&viewfull=1#post1353468

I have been in the process of moving to a new apartment and will not be able to host tonight the 28th of February at 6pm EST. Sorry for that.

In light of that cancellation though, I will be having the first March TS right away on Sunday March 6 at 7pm EST. Following that will be Sunday the 20th at 7pm EST again.

Based on feedback I get from the survey, I plan on doing a third. But I need your help to make these better. Please take some time to look it over.