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A while ago... I had some bad experience with online community. Loosely connected to here, but not directly connected to here. Just similar (broadly speaking more than directly speaking) kinds of content. The last week or so, I have been trying to not just skip over stuff, and try to participate.

A lot of what I'm doing is trying to find a way to get *somewhat* caught up here (it can be more busy than I can handle even when I am more into actively engaging). I think that I'm somewhat managing that.

If things don't feel that this is ending up being good (and that's a possibility) then I might end up moving on from even here. I have kind of noticed some stuff that is leaving me feeling like it could well go in that direction. Then again... It could be "good reason" I am seeing the stuff I'm seeing, and it might actually come out that indeed it is.

I *did* think that was the case there as well. And I can see that space (which I think was basically run by one person from what I can tell, and really quite active) the people who were coming and going... "Why did this happen..." And the continued to existing toxic content... Was actually the nature of the space (whether or not that is due to just not having the resources to deal with it, or because it was intentionally so is hard to say).

I have *not* seen ongoing toxic content here, though I have seen some stuff that is "calling out" of people who are not actively here to address it (whether the call outs are valid or not is hard to say), which is concerning.
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