Trying to find a good diaper that is easy to put on.

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Hello everyone. I am trying to find a good reliable diaper that is also easy to put on. I have a severe visual impairment and my hands, especially right hand, have difficulty moving due to a birth defect. Does anyone have any ideas on a diaper that would work for me?
what will you be wearing for? (wetting/messing/ both?) what is your degree of control? (do you get to the bathroom at all?) what will be your needs getting changed? (will you be out often, will you be at home, will you be able to carry something if it's reusable home?) Will you be wearing all the time or just at times needed?
Sorry I didn't give enough information. Both. I generally will wear at home for wetting or security from IBS. I wear out and about for IBS. Generally I have control, but during an episode I may not have any control of my bowels. I will wear as needed. I do bring a backpack with me for disposables and am out often. I am a flooder, too.
You might want to try a heavier pullup like the molicare mobile. You might also try wearing something like briefmates which are pads which act as a diaper but secure in jockey shorts or panties.
Unfortunately, I've heard that pull ups are not good at all for IBS.
Pullups vary, no they aren't the best for messing but some do have the space, it really depends on how bad it is (solid or diarrhea) it can be helped alot with pvc pants as a cover. Yes its true no pullup is going to work as well as a good tape on diaper, but depending on your need there are substitutes that might be easier to put on and handle your needs (if you don't require any assistance).
I find the SDKv2s / Cushies v2s to be very easy to change with the big single tabs per side.... Very good for all uses as well.
IBS comes in two flavors Constipation and Diarrhea the OP has diarrhea I am sure episodes are not a pretty time, I have a friend who lost her job after 27 years because of an episode, her employer just has not seen the unfriendly inside of a courtroom Yet! I will not name the company however there very well known for grape juice and baby stuff. I myself have a right hand disability and would say from experience the Northshore Supreme is good with me , if I don't nail it first time I still have a set to retry , I have never found anyone with IBS-D who could use a pull up from anybody, the leak guards and bottom tapes make or break a diaper for IBS-D , Nobody can imagine what a flare can be like unless they drink a bottle of castor oil and go out to a disco dancing all night, you may be fine all night or you may fill your diaper and run out of changes before you run out of poop it's the flip of a coin, sometimes easily controlled and sometimes way out of control, and a small dietary miss step can bring it on for somebody. I would really try Northshore but have someone prefold them to activate them for you. You can skip a single tape diaper all together because fit is so critical with a single that it would drive you up the wall.

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First off, I'm sorry your having such a difficult time finding the proper diaper...

I myself wear 24/7 for need...and long story short, currently in a halo brace for my neck surgery...

So, I understand about fitting diapers being a hard thing...

When not in my current state...I too have some serious neurological problems...little feeling in one hand...and one foot, and some odd random places...

I've found that the only way I can get a diaper fit and taped on is to lay down when putting it on...

Lay the diaper out, place your bum on it...pull up and over...

By doing this I'm able to get everything proper, and only need one hand to do tapes, as my bum hold the diaper from moving...

So, experiment with tape on diapers...and you most likely will find a way to do them up proper...

Also, I would also suggest getting some molicare diapers...they have lines that run down wher the tapes go, and give you a visual cue as to where the tapes really helps!

I wear molicare when out and about...and a onesie...they are purple after all!

Here's hoping you can find a way/position that I myself have never found a pull-up to be very effective...
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