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Looking to see if anyone else has had experience with (and if that experience was positive or otherwise) Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy.

Long story short: Way back in 2021 (feels like a long time ago, anyway) I had to have surgery on my back passage to fix a fistula. Unfortunately that left me with mild faecal incontinence. (No complete loss of bowels, just leaking enough to be a pain in the... left shoulder. Though hot weather in summer gives me the runs and makes it a more dangerous prospect.)

In the last few months I've noticed I have also been getting more and more issues with urinary incontinence, rather situational (waking up, specifically in my own bed, not in other beds..., as well as when I arrive home on my motorbike) and today to the point that I was glad I was wearing something far more absorbent that my usual day-to-day protection (I'm also an AB/DL).

While being an AB/DL means that a proper flooding from time-to-time doesn't worry me, I much prefer those to be on my own terms, at times that I choose, so I sought advice from the national helpline here in Aus. They have recommended that I look at Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy and gave me the details for a clinic local to me, but I was wondering if anyone here had had any experience with this and if they've had any success.
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Thank you! My search skills obviously need considerable work.