Trying the ABDL Shop Carousel Diaper I Got as a Gift from the ABdlr Christmas Party


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Finally getting around to trying this one. I had to wait until I had room in my drawer of "worn but not used" Diapers. I had 4 that I was switching between wearing, the Rearz Princess Pink, Crinklz Fairy Tale, Tykables Little Rascalz, and the LittleForBig Blushing Baby Diapers. The Rearz Princess Pink and Crinklz Fairy Tale have gone bye-bye. I wore and wet the the Rearz Princess Pink when I went to see Titanic last Saturday, and disposed of it when I got home. Then I wore and wet the Crinklz Fairy Tale all day Thursday from 9am-4pm at work, and then disposed of it when I got home. So, that's 2 less Diapers in the drawer! Now I can finally try and do a video on the ABDL Shop Carousel V2 Diaper I got as a gift from the ABdlr Christmas party! I absolutely love it! Love the Pastel Pink and Blue and all the fun carousel animals on it!

You can get these at AB dlr.
Or on Amazon.

Watch my live try-on and first impressions video on my ABDL YouTube channel here.
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So, ADISC Community have you tried the ABDL Shop Carousel Diapers? Let me know in the comments below and as always...stay Diapered!🧷:)
-ABDElsa ❄️🍼

The Diaper
Unfolded and ready for Try-on
The Try-on