TRUE friends.

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How many true friends do you have. I've been thinking about this alot lately.
I finaly figured it out. I have only 1 true friend.

That true friend is:
Someone I could trust with my life with
Always has a open ear
doesn't judge me for what i do
doesn't judge me fr what i want
ALWAY there for me NO matter what.

I have one good real friend and we would take a bullet for each other but he has some sever problems and isn't always very reliably. the only friend i ever had who perfectly fit your definition of a true friend moved away. The friend I've had since I could talk is now a "recovering" crack head; although he was crazy before that.
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True friend

Dear baby Mike:

I'm always looking to make new friends, maybe you'll become one of them.

But as for a TRUE friend, I thought that my old friends were TRUE, but they

weren't. Anyhow, as far as for my TRUE friend, one whom is

non-judgemental of me, and really cares about me as a person, well,

her name is Jakki, and she is my best friend. I can tell her anything and she'll


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