Trouble with BM after messing diaper


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I had a very relaxing and refreshing sleep last night - my first time wearing in a while (Rearz Critter Caboose - I usually wear XL, but I thought they were too big, so I tried L, which was tight, but did not appear to leak despite being very wet). I am a big guy and don't have a lot of room in the back of my diaper for messes, but in the past, I could push a bit out in a squatting position. For the first time, this morning I was able to start filling the back of my diaper while laying on my back in bed, but it felt like I ran out of space in the diaper before I got everything out. I got cleaned up and went to sit on the (evil) potty, but it feels like I am constipated now and nothing comes out. Can that be caused by running out of space in the diaper or a weird position, or, is it totally unrelated?
I don't think just not pooping as much as you could once is going to make you constipated so even if that is what actually happened maybe just don't worry about it and it will come out next time you poop?

Also, is it unusual for you to feel like you can't tell whether you have got everything out or not? That happens to me all the time
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When I poop I want it to be as naturally as possible, no forcing etc.
I'd bet it's pretty normal to experience some temporary retention when things are interrupted. My first time messing was a bit of a struggle, more with my own programming than with my diaper. As I recall, I didn't finish and I had to wait a while before I could. I think my brain and body were both confused by the experience and needed time to reset.
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I don't think it has anything to do with going in your diaper, or laying on your back. Generally, we get constipated from lack of water, and of course certain foods, too much fiber all at once, gut health, etc. Give it time, go #2 in your diaper as much as you possibly can, get used to it, and drink plenty of water, which given wearing diapers, should not be a problem!
I am 24/7/365 in diapers, and use them fully, have been for many years! You'll get used to what works and what doesn't. Just enjoy it!
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