Trouble getting an already relaxed bladder to relax‽


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Hi all I've had total urinary incontinence for years now. It's mostly a mix of severe urge incontinence and dribbling, though in reality my bladder does whatever the f-ck it feels like doing. It's endlessly fascinating to me how it continues to evolve (devolve?) with time. Just when I thought I've experienced it all, some new sensation announces itself. Which brings me to this afternoon...

I hoped to take short siesta but bladder discomfort stifled that plan. This wouldn't be noteworthy except that my bladder was already relaxed! My sphincter muscle has long since reset itself to the factory default setting and stays open/relaxed at baseline, and as far as I could tell there was no bladder pressure. For those who have severe urge incontinence, you know that feeling when you feel right before the bladder pressure goes from 0 to 100? Hopefully someone here knows what I mean, but if not, it's like a bunch of little butterflies at the base of the bladder flittering around. It usually lasts just a second or two before the sudden burst of pressure. Usually it's imperceptible, unless you're paying careful attention. My best guess is it's the detrusor muscle giving out causing urine to travel out through the sphincter and urethra and into your diaper. But I digress. Anyways it was like THAT except it lasted 30 minutes and there was no surge in bladder pressure or reflexive release of urine. Even more bizarre was that the harder I tried to relax the pelvic muscles the more pronounced that flittering feeling was. In fact, the only thing that seemed to help was consciously slamming the external sphincter muscle shut as hard and long as I could. After 5 or 10 seconds the sphincter muscle would give out and a tiny squirt of pee jetted out and it felt good for a few seconds before the flittering returned. Rinse, repeat. You get the idea.

I'm not too worried about it, though I wish I knew what it was all about. I was vaguely worried about a UTI but I have no other symptoms. Retention? Seems unlikely to come out of the blue. Retrograde ejaculation from earlier that morning? Happens to the best of us! Then again, it went away on it's own when I got distracted, so maybe it was in my head? If it happens again I'll make an appointment with my GP. Bad bladder!

Bonus points to anyone who knows the name of this character: ‽ (No cheating!)
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perhaps try an ISC when it happens again? So you can at least see if retention was the reason for it.
Pino said:

perhaps try an ISC when it happens again? So you can at least see if retention was the reason for it.
Whats does ISC stand for?
Racingmatt550 said:
Whats does ISC stand for?
Intermittent Self Catheterization, you do it with a, usually water, coated catheter, fast in fast out.
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Sometimes I get the urge so go to the toilet only to get a small amount out, walking away or within a few minutes I will be desperate and the bladder takes over.
Cold weather is a good example, go and drain the bladder then go out into the cold and before I have gone 50 feet my bladder is letting go with what for me is a large quantity of wee. Go figure !