Trio of Changes (Email Unverified, Gold Color, Patches)


Over the last 24 hours or so, I've made 3 significant changes:
1) Accounts which don't have a verified email (either because they never verified it when signing up, or because their email started bouncing, or because they went to change their email on file and have not confirmed the new one) will no longer be able to read forum posts (except News and Rules/Policies) until they verify their email. This discourages people from keeping non-functioning email addresses on their account.

2) Company Reps are now shown in gold, to prevent them from being confused with Contributors. Later this year I plan to introduce a level beyond Established Contributor, perhaps Distinguished or Top Contributors, which are in the gold color, at which point Company Reps will get another, different color. But for now, they are golden. This also applies in Discord.

3) The forum software and its addons have had several patches applied. None of these should result in changes you notice, but if you do notice anything odd, please tell me.
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