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A Halloween story I posted on FA this year (which I may or may not continue next October ;) )

Tricked and Treated

“What the hell? Why is that any of YOUR business Mrs. Swoop! If that is even your real name. Ugh.”

The black haired girl tossed the parchment letter across her disorganized room as she flopped down on her unmade bed, “Why does she care about my grades? I’m still passing almost everything.” She rolled over, a soft crinkling emanating from her backside, she cringed at the sound. She couldn’t stand it, these uniforms were ridiculous! What reasonable person expects a bunch of LEGAL ADULTS to wear training pants? She reached down and tugged at her leggings, pulling them, along with her protection down to her ankles. She still wasn’t sure if this was better or worse, with the short length of her grey school dress. She just couldn’t get comfortable like this. She got right back out of bed, stepping out of her leggings and padding. She tossed the dry pull-up into the trash before pulling the leggings back on. A sudden shout from the other room caused her to jump.

“Willow, are you gonna join us for the slasher marathon?”

Willow looked over her leggings, now sporting a small hole in the crotch from the sudden pull. Sighing, she said, “No, Hazel, I’m still planning on heading out. I’m not missing out on free candy!”

“Or she’s chicken,” commented another voice from the common room.

“I’m not scared of anything, Ruby!”

“Not even the Headmistress?”

“No,” She hesitated, “Not even that old crone!”

Laughter could be heard through the door. “Old crone, seriously? I’m pretty sure she’s only 32!”

“Whatever,” She called back from her room, taking off her leggings to examine them. The hole wasn’t too bad, but it was enough to make her uncomfortable wearing them without underwear. Of course, the only underwear stocked in the whole of Sybil Univeristy seemed to be disposable and crinkly. She had to make the choice, would she rather wear the embarrassing undergarment or leave part of her personal space exposed to the cold, Canadian air. She sighed in defeat as she pulled the medical-white pull-up from the bin. She looked it over and dwelled on her foolishness.

Willow Blackwell had failed the entrance exams to both of the universities she applied to, not because she was unintelligent, quite the opposite, she was just bored. However, it still wasn’t great on her spirits to find that she was rejected from the only two universities boasting impressive science and magic programs. During the summer, however, she received a peculiar letter, inviting her to the opening of a new magic-focussed University. It was across the country, but they offered room and board, and the campus looked beautiful. When she visited, she was ecstatic to find that the first year would be completely covered, and she only need sign a contract. She began taking her time to read all the fine print, but again found herself growing uninterested, leading her to skim the second half, focussing mostly upon the titles of the paragraphs and only really looking through the ones that didn’t seem standard. What she now regrets would be the skimming of two crucial sections. Firstly, the uniform section. It states that all costs are covered, and all clothing is standard issue. Which was fine, Willow never cared much for fashion anyways. However, she didn’t feel it as necessary to read through the description of the uniform. The uniform and wardrobe she had now all but memorised. Two grey dresses with pleated skirts, one white long-sleeved blouse, one pair of black leggings, one pair of white knee-high socks, one pair of black mary-jane shoes, one pair of black winter boots, one black cloak, one black hat, and who could forget: standard-issue protective underwear, delivered once a month on the first Thursday.

Willow let out a sigh as she removed her leggings once again, preparing herself for her daily embarrassment as thought of her other regret. This other regret happens to be the footnote at the end of the contract, and like any immature brat, Willow entirely neglected to read this little piece of fine print. Fine print she had studied every day since learning of its existence in desperate hopes of finding a loophole. “If this contract is broken in any way, the individual responsible must undergo an intense retraining process overseen by Headmistress Rebecca Swoop, after which the individual is free either to remain at the University or to return home in the custody of a guardian. This process may include, but is not limited to, obedience training, collaring, humiliation, detentions, and loss of toilet privilege.”

Willow shuddered at the thought as she pulled her leggings back up, once again atop her crinkly bottom. One of her dormmates had already been retrained, she doesn’t know the specifics, but Anna has changed. Her grades improved immensely, especially in that nonsense class “Cuddling and Affection,” and she’s surely been friendlier, but the rustle when she walks is a lot louder, and it’s almost as if she doesn’t even care about going to the bathroom anymore, not that she’s allowed during class.

Shaking her head, Willow cleared her thoughts. She opened her door and walked into the common room, four of her five roommates sitting around the couch. Anna was rarely home these days, but they still talked between classes.

“Earth to Willow,” Teased a strawberry blonde girl sitting on the back of the couch, “come in Willow”

“What? I,” Willow stumbled to respond to Ruby.

“What? I,” Ruby mocked, “I’m not looking for an explanation, just wanted to call dibs on the Coffee Crisps.”

“Yeah, yeah, got it, Coffee Crisp,” Willow muttered.

“Everything okay? You seem kind of… out of it.”

“I just… the contract, you know?”

“Ah, yes, where we all sold our souls to a bunch of sadistic witches, forever to be slaves to their TEACHING, and TALKING! The HORROR!,” Ruby replied, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

Willow just rolled her eyes, “nevermind, I’ll bring you your Coffee Crisps, but I may have to add some mandrake to shut you up.”

“That was a pretty smart move on Professor Vance’s part,” chimed in the youngest of the group.

“Maybe smart to a little kid like you,” Ruby taunted

“I’m only a year younger than you,” Mercy retorted, “Plus I got my license first!”

“Girls, girls,” Hazel chimed in, “You’re both still in pull-ups.”

The girls continued to bicker and chatter overtop of their film as Willow left the dorm. She had already grabbed a pillowcase and had her keys and phone in her pockets. One of the few things she was thankful for in this horrid arrangement was the inclusion of pockets into all of the dresses. She did a quick stretch before heading out on her night’s journey.

It was ten o’clock, a couple hours after Willow had left campus to gather treats, her pillowcase was a good two thirds of the way full, but she wasn’t going to give up so soon. She skipped up to the next house in the lane, which was draped in faux spiderweb, her sagging pillowcase in one hand and a half-eaten Mr. Big in the other. She knocked on the door, ready to do the simple yet traditional performance. She heard the door creak open and shouted cheerfully, smiling so wide her eyes closed, “Trick or treat!”

“Oh, if it isn’t little Ms. Blackwell,” a familiar voice chided, “I’m glad you decided to see me after all.”

Willow’s heart sank as the familiar voice chastised her. She opened her eyes, only to prove her suspicions correct, she had managed to wander to the Headmistress’ own home. She took a couple steps back before turning around to run, but the lady’s hand was already on her shoulder. Willow stood frozen in fear.

“Come one in, you must be cold, traipsing around in your uniform this late at night!”

Willow had no choice but to comply, she lowered her head and followed her superior inside. The interior was nice, a simple open-concept leading directly into the livingroom, only a small wall dividing the kitchen and dining area. A wide hallway leads off to the left, likely towards the bedrooms and facilities. A festive light shaped like a pumpkin was on the coffee table, illuminating the room like a flickering candle. A couch stood between the girls and the table, upon which sat Professors Catherine Hubble and Josie Vance. Willow’s heart raced, she knew there was no getting out of this.

“Cathy, man the door, I need to speak to our student here in the kitchen,” The headmistress commanded with great authority. Professor Hubble simply nodded and rose from her spot on the couch as Rebecca led Willow into the kitchen. Pulling out two chairs, the Headmistress sat down, motioning for Willow to do the same.

“I think I’ll stand,” She responded in defiance, a hint of worry in her voice.

“It wasn’t a question, please sit.”

Willow hesitated before sitting, “fine.”

“Now, I’m going to assume the letter got lost in the mail, so let me go over the concept. You are here because your grades have been slipping, I was wondering why that might be?”

“Well, some of the mandatory courses are… pointless. Like Cuddling and Affection, why should we be getting marked on intimate social skills? Isn’t that our personal lives?”

“The intention of the course…”

“Is to promote teamwork and bonding, I know, I know. It’s just… weird.”

Headmistress Swoop raised an eyebrow and the defiant interruption, “If you have a problem with the course, you can speak to myself or Professor Hubble. We can certainly work towards a solution.”

“Kay, whatever…”

“Your Theory of Magic studies have also been suffering, any comment on that?”

“It’s a boring class. It’s not going to help me with my magic all that much, and it’s quite unfair that we have to study theory, yet we aren’t allowed any sort of spellcasting.”

“Boring or not, it is curriculum, and it WILL aid in your spellcasting studies next year.”

“Why should university students have to wait a year before learning anything useful? Hell, why the fuck should university students be treated like children? The staff are abusing their powers by forcing actual ADULT WOMEN to wear training pants, as if we aren’t toilet trained! You don’t even have the excuse of it being some sort of protection from wayward spells, because there is no fucking spellcasting happening on campus!”

“That is no way to speak, Ms. Blackwell”

“Like hell it’s not! If you actually taught us anything, you wouldn’t have to threaten us with your freaky “retraining” shit!”

“Ms. Blackwell.”

“Fuck you, fuck your school, and fuck-” She was suddenly cut off as something appeared in her mouth. Was this… a pacifier? She couldn’t get it out. It felt… nice.

“Ms. Blackwell, you must learn how to behave. I was more than willing to have an open conversation with you, like two adults, but you have made it clear that you are not an adult in any sense of the word. However, I would like to propose an ultimatum. You may stay here for this evening, on your BEST behaviour. If you can keep that pull-up around your waist dry, you can wear any undergarments you want, and you may even exchange your empathy course for one of the optional courses. However, if you fail to use the potty like a big girl, I will have no choice but to retrain you.”

Fear filled Willow’s eyes, she knew this must be some sort of trap. There was no way she wouldn’t stay dry for the evening unless the Headmistress was plotting against her.

“However, since this is not covered in the contract you signed previously, I will allow you an out. If at any point you want to give up and leave everything the way it is, all you have to do is say your full name, understood?”

Willow gave a nod, and the pacifier fell from her mouth. She wouldn’t speak, and the kitchen remained silent, save for the sounds of the movie playing in the room over. Rebecca picked up the pacifier and clipped it to Willow’s uniform, smiling warmly the whole time.

“Now, why don’t you go join the girls for the movie? Don’t worry, it’s nothing too scary!”

Willow quietly stood up and let Rebecca lead her to the living room, sitting down at the foot of the couch upon arrival. The headmistress promptly replaced Catherine at the door, who proceeded to flopped onto the couch, her head upon the herbology professor’s lap. The professors chatted and laughed over the film and Willow stretched out a hand to the bowl of candies on the table. The bowl, just out of reach, taunted the girl as she stretched, attempting to stay in her spot and not obstruct her superiors’ view of the film. She reached as far as she could, barely tapping the edge of the bowl before losing her balance and tumbling to the floor. She laid there, defeated, her padded rear in the air and the overturned bowl of candy upon her head.

From the stillness arose a voice, “You okay, hon?”

Despite the calm, welcoming tone of Professor Hubble’s voice, WIllow remained still, in silent embarrassment. She knew all eyes were truly upon her when the sounds of the movie stopped and she heard someone on the couch adjusting. She felt the bowl gently lift from her head, the candies following suit, as one of the professors cast a spell. Despite being free from her predicament, Willow’s face remained thoroughly buried in the floor, utterly overwhelmed by her embarrassment. Her eyes stung, warning her of her fast-approaching tears, but before they could escape, the pacifier clipped to Willow’s uniform was in her mouth again, and she felt a little calmer, a little safer, a little more relaxed. She slowly rose back up onto her knees, her cheeks glowing red as she faced her professors. She expected to see them stifling laughter or grinning mischievously, but that wasn’t the case, Catherine and Josie just looked at her kindly, their faces posing the previous question again. The fear and stress must have left her eyes, because soon the Professors were back to chatting.

This left Willow confused. Sure, all of the professors know about the uniform, but wasn’t it intended to humiliate the “lesser” witches? Why would these two be so concerned? Were they special? Or maybe, just maybe, did she misinterpret the purpose of the puffy panties?

Willow pondered these questions as she suckled gently on her pacifier. Soon enough, however, the little witch’s train of thought was interrupted by one of the many needs of the human body, thirst. Yes, what she would do for a glass of water or a cool can of soda. She looked around, spotting a mini-fridge on the other side of the couch, locking eyes with Professor Vance as she pulled out another cream soda for herself.

“Thirsty,” She asked simply, to which Willow nodded, more vigorously than she intended. She smiled, posing another question, “What would you like? We have just about everything.”

Willow took a moment to think about this relatively mundane question before answering, “Ornge,” her pacifier muddying her words, making her blush again.

The botanist giggled to herself as she grabbed an orange soda from beside her, passing it to Catherine, who handed it to the girl before rustling her dark hair through her hat. This made Willow smile, she wasn’t sure why, but it did. She smiled and leaned back against the couch, watching the movie as she sipped her soda.

The night went on and Willow had a few more sodas and some candy while the movie played. She had adjusted positions from the floor to the couch and from the couch onto Professor Hubble’s lap. It just felt right to be gently bounced and held tight as she indulged her own childish feelings. The credits rolled, and Professor Vance stood up to change discs.

“Any suggestions, sweetie?”

Hubble watched Willow for her response, which was a simple shake of the head, before proposing her answer, “How about Paranorman?”

Josie nodded and began her search through a tall stack of DVD cases. In the meantime, Catherine turned the girl on her lap to face her, a warm smile on her face as she popped Willow’s pacifier back into her mouth. The student smiled happily around her paci, suckling as her professor began to play babyish games with her. Something about this just seemed… nice. A break from being an adult, no worries, no responsibilities, just fun.

The smile on Willow’s face suddenly faded as she felt a pressure in her bladder. Why did she have to drink so much soda? She squirmed, trying to get her Professor to let her go, but the message just didn’t get across.

“Aw, does someone like this game?”

Willow shook her head with vigor, attempting to do anything to free herself. She wriggled, she squirmed, she whined. Then, in a sudden moment of clarity, she spat out her paci and yelled, “Potty!”

Professor Hubble quickly stopped what she was going, an awkward expression upon her face. She gently let go of Willow, who promptly stood up, her legs crossed with her hands jammed between them.

“Uh. First door on the right,” The professor stammered, pointing down the hallway. Before the sentence was even finished, the door slammed, Willow already inside the bathroom.

Fumbling with her leggings, Willow stumbled over to the toilet. Ripping her pull-up from her legs, she sat down, a wave of relief washing over her as she heard the splashing in the toilet. As she sat and relaxed her muscles, Willow’s mind wandered. She wondered what it would have felt like to have an “accident.” She wondered what retraining would be like, Anna sure seemed happier.

After emptying her bladder, Willow wiped and pulled up her childish underwear. Going to pull up her leggings, she realized the hole had grown larger in her panicked tugging, nearly tearing it into two seperate legs. Willow sighed and took off her shoes so she could remove the shredded garment. When she bent back down to replace her shoes, however, she saw something peeking out from the cabinet beneath the bathroom sink. Her curiosity piqued, the girl gently pulled the door open, revealing a single pink plastic rectangle. She couldn’t help but pick it up and examine it. It appeared to have a print of princesses and unicorns. In her investigation, the rectangle folded open, revealing the underside, thick and white. It was an adult diaper, and it crinkled just as loudly as Anna.

“Everything alright in there,” called the headmistress, “it’s okay if you didn’t make it, just come out here and we can talk!”

Willow promptly called back, stuffing the diaper back under the sink, “Sorry, I’ll be out soon!”

She quickly washed her hands and opened the door, nearly walking right into the headmistress who had not moved from her position. Willow took a quick step back, startled as the professor lowered herself down and stuck a finger into the leg-gather of the girl’s trainers, a mildly-surprised smirk spreading across her lips.

“Good job, I guess you don’t want to be retrained after all,” The lady said with a smile, standing back up, “Could have fooled me tonight.”

A puzzled and embarrassed look spread across Willow’s face as she spoke, “I was actually wondering… what is retraining? The contract wasn’t super clear on that.”

The headmistress simply had a knowing look and motioned for the girl to follow as she walked further down the hall. Willow, of course, complied, her curiosity getting the best of her. Headmistress Swoope stopped on the far side of a door and motioned for Willow to enter. The girl nervously complied, turning the knob and pushing the door open just a crack to see inside. She was immediately awestruck by what she saw, she had never considered the concept, let alone seen the centrepiece of the room. An adult-sized crib. She gently pushed the door further, revealing the rest of the room, a changing table, a rocking horse, a plethora of toys, all neatly put away for now. Willow simply stood in awe of the nursery as Rebecca gently ushered her in.

Willow saw something atop the changing table, unable to contain herself, she ran up to examine it. It was another pink princess diaper, just like in the bathroom. She had no clue how to feel, this certainly explained what happened to Anna, but she almost… liked it. She reached out to feel the diaper, thick and crinkly, just like the one under the sink. She pulled her hand back, still confused and amazed by everything. She was about to touch the diaper again when the Headmistress grabbed her hand.

“Best not leave the others waiting,” She said, dragging the overwhelmed girl from the nursery.

Frozen, Willow’s eyes fixated on the diaper as she was pulled away, only really stopping to blink once the door had severed her line of sight. She shook her head in an attempt to clear her thoughts, but it stuck with her in the back of her mind as Headmistress Swoope locked the door and walked back to the living room. Willow remained stunned as she followed the headmistress with her eyes until she too was gone from sight.

Taking a few deep breaths, Willow regained her focus and walked back to the living room. She must have had a sad or peculiar expression, because Hubble's smiling face went soft and concerned when their eyes met. The girl began to blush and hid her face as she scurried to sit again at the foot of the couch.

She sat, absently staring at the screen as she thought. Her head had been rushing all night, filled with thoughts of diapers and retraining. She continually argued with herself, whether or not she would actually enjoy retraining. Something deep inside her told her it was the right choice, but it went against everything she had been saying since she arrived at the wrought iron gates of Sybil. Was she charmed, tricked into submitting herself for retraining? Or did she really want this all along?

Willow was pulled from her thoughts when she felt someone gently pull at her hand, removing her thumb from her mouth and letting the enchanted pacifier fill its place. She blushed, shocked to find she had been sucking her thumb and didn’t even realize it. Looking up shyly, she met eyes with the headmistress, leaning over the arm of the couch.

“Once this movie’s done, I can take you back up to your dorm, and you can wear big girl panties again,” Said the older lady as she played with the girl’s hair, “it looks like you stayed dry all night, I’m impressed.”

The student’s blush only deepened, this was her last chance. She stumbled to find words, let alone form them behind her pacifier. The headmistress had returned to the door, the bell ringing before Willow could speak. She hung her head before spotting the can of root beer between her legs, there was no way she could drink enough to pee again, but maybe she could simulate an accident. She lifted her skirt and tugged at the waistband of her trainers, this was her last hope. She picked up the can and began to pour. She closed her eyes to embrace her fate, to feel the carbonated beverage trickle down between her legs, but there was nothing. She opened one eye to see that the soda was levitating just outside of the can, slowly swirling as a hovering blob of sparkling brown. She slowly turned around to meet the disapproving looks of all three staff members, her blush so deep her face felt tight.

Headmistress Swoope took a deep breath before scolding, “What do you think you’re doing young lady? Not only are you wasting soda, but you’re CLEARLY trying to accumulate a yeast infection as well.”

Tears began to well up in the girl’s eyes as the scolding continued, “I let you spend the evening in my house, and you have the audacity to pour your soda into your training pants? Why? To see what it feels like?”

The tears streamed down Willow’s cheeks, her quiet sobs scarce heard amidst the verbal berating, “Did you consider that you may leak? Or how inappropriate it is to pull your underwear open amidst a room full of other people?”

Willow hid her face as she sobbed, curled up with her hands around her head. She couldn’t take it. It was too much. She laid there, sobbing as the headmistress took another deep breath, crouching down beside the girl. Willow couldn’t bear to open her eyes, this was all too much.

Then, in a soft, loving voice, she heard a question, “Why?”

Through her tears, Willow could see a figure kneeling beside her, and felt her rub her cheek as the headmistress asked again, “Why did you try that? You could have gotten hurt.”

Willow sniffled, her emotions calmed by the loving demeanor of the elder witch.

“Did you want attention? You can just ask, sweetie.”

Sitting up, her legs bowed, Willow wiped away her tears, “I…”

“Take your time, no need to rush.”

“I w-want”

“Good girl, what do you want, Willow?”


“You want me to retrain you? To help you be good and happy?”

Willow nodded and hugged her superior, who promptly returned the favour. Soon enough, Professor Vance had returned from the bathroom, handing the pink diaper to the headmistress. Willow hadn’t even realized she left. The professor accepted the thick padding and laid the girl down on her back. Lifting the student’s skirt out of the way, Rebecca Swoope quickly set to work changing the girl into her new diaper.

The rest of the evening was calm and quiet. Most trick-or-treaters had gone home, and so the witches were left in peace, spending their time coddling Willow. Willow, enjoying every second of it was sad when the movie finally ended, knowing it meant she had to return to her dorm. The headmistress readjusted the girl’s hat and cloak before giving a gentle pat on her thickly-padded rear, signalling her out the door.