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My Dad found my diapers and spoke to my mom some about them. Idk if he told her WHAT they were or not, but neither of them can look me in the eye or hold a conversation. I've hated my dad for years, so it's nothing really changed there except now we're not talking even more.

My mom on the other hand... We used to be close. Like, as in the day before this happened we could talk for hours. Now she wont hold a conversation with me to save her life. It's depressing. I'm not ashamed of my ab/dl side. But I don't know how to bring it up. We almost talked about it today but we were yelling at each other so I decided to end the convo.

Anyone else experience this? Where someone forgets who you were BEFORE they found out you liked diapers? s
Don't worry. This sort of thing blows over.
It just takes a little time for everyone involved to adjust, that's all.

Though an already strained relationship could get even more so, I guess, but don't give up!
It's sort of a shock. Give it some time and I expect things will get back to normal. You're still the same person, and they will come to see that. I don't think I'd push for further conversation on it. If your mom wants to know anything, you can have that talk but let it rest with her unless this period of shock goes more than a week or two.
Things will sway up and down for a while as your folks try to mull through the information. It doesn't hurt to have some information ready to hand them that will gloss over some of the major points to clear up the big questions or assumptions. Just as you have to get used to them again, they are doing with you too.

For me the dust settled in a week, and things felt comfortable in 2-3 months like nothing has ever happened. That 2-3 month period was figuring out limits on acceptable behavior and discussion.
I agree, time will help. Just give your parents space and over time, they'll adjust. If your mom says anything to you, it'd be best to have some stuff ready to go (Google "understanding infantilism"). Also, if/when she talks to you, stay positive, it's more likely she'll have a better attitude about it if you're upbeat. Good luck :)
It'll pass. My mum and I at one point went months with barely a word only a couple of years ago, and it was over far more than that and now we're the best of friends. It just takes a little time, but soon enough things will start to get back to normal.
I don't know you or your father, but saying you hate him is sad. Hate is a strong word, and it will hurt you more then the one being hated. Give it time, then talk to your mom. I hope it works out for you.
I'm sorry, still new here so I don't know if you ever talked about it.
But do your parents know about you being Gay? Did they take it the same way?

Because you have a different relationship with your Dad and Mom, and you being closer to your Mom OK, I realize I'm prob stating the obvious here, but it seems like the best thing to do now is find a time where it's just her and you alone and talk with her. Her not talking may just be her simply not knowing what to think or say. Help her understand.

Coney said:
Anyone else experience this? Where someone forgets who you were BEFORE they found out you liked diapers?

Yes, very much so AND very recently at that! :(
Honestly, Most parent's at one point or another have to calm down and will accept that their child is still the same child, except they like having puffier underwear. While my family never really got past talking about it, I feel that my family and I have this unfounded respect that if I take care of myself, I should be able to do what I please within ethical matters. Honestly, you aren't doing drugs, you probably haven't gotten anyone pregnant, and you aren't dealing drugs. A child who wears diapers is far less scary than having someone who does the latter.
I had something similar happen when my mom found out that I like cross dressing and diapers and it will take time for her to talk to you again.
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