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I was wondering how many of you have more courage to wear diapers in public when you're not in your hometown. I traveled to JAX this week and go out in shorts, no boxers and just a diaper underneath. Over the past few trips I've gotten more courage to not even tuck my t shirt into my shorts. I wear an Abena with plastic back which is pretty thick and never had anyone notice. Pretty cool. I've really enjoyed it. I don't wanna go home.....
No - let me explain.

In general, I do not like traveling. About the only time I travel is to my sister's house (a 10 hour drive) and I usually take my mother. My sister's family is large and even though all her children are living out of the house, they and their children are always stopping by. I would be too afraid to wear around them and for me, it is easy to go a week or two without wearing.

If I did travel more -- I might be more inclined to wear.
The only real time I had the guts to go about wearing a diaper under some shorts without my usual getup of boxers/boxer briefs and a carefully situated T-shirt reliably hiding when I'm out at my familiy's horse farm. I'm confident there's no humans around there to see anyways, so I don't mind being a bit casual with wearing diapers around there.

I typically wear bambino teddies though, and haven't figured out yet how to wear them discreetly without there being some obvious sign that I have one for now I don't wear them in public much at all.
Once you start to wear 24/7 being out and about and traveling in diapers is no big deal and over time you start to relax to the point you don't care if some one notices your diaper.

It's just a different type of underware that is required either by choice or medical condition.
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