Trauma and Regressing


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I recently went through a very traumatic event. Since then I can’t properly regress like I used such as me choosing to regress to deal with the stress. Which considering everything I’ve been through would really be nice. I don’t feel as if I deserve to be babied or enjoy myself at all. But I have been crying a lot and it’s strange because I’ll go into these huge crying fits for extend periods and just be inconsolable , crying until I almost make myself sick. And for some reason I find myself just continuously whining ‘mommy’ over and over again during these fits. I don’t have a caregiver so I don’t know if I’m just regressing in a way and wanting the comfort a mother would bring when you’re a child. But it’s not therapeutic at all and it hurts
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so sorry to hear that. thoughts and prayers. if you ever want to chat let me know
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It may take some time before you can emotionally get back to where you were. I've been grieving the death of my wife for five years and each year things get a little better. Each year I learn something about myself and find ways to get around the grief, the sadness and depression. I also see a psychologist. There aren't always solutions that you just do this one thing and everything improves. What I do find however is that talking about it face to face with another human being does help, and you get feedback.
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I find it a lot harder to regress after a traumatic time, just do smaller steps j find, comforting myself normally with a soft blanket helps and then it normally progressss over days etc