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I make the transition in France, so the advice or information is valid only for France (some steps can be similar or identical in other countries)

First steps: apply for ALD 31 To have the ALD you must make an appointment with your GP to fill out and validate the file, add all the requested documents, and then file the document from the sickness insurance. (requested a pre-filled file from a Trans association in your city)

During the time when the ALD file is validated, take advantage of the other steps, make an appointment with an endocrinologist (counted 2 months to have an appointment) you will have need to provide proof of your general practitioner, take advantage of this waiting time to make the necessary medical examinations (to save time you must provide a blood test complete, brain MRI to search for the presence of "meningioma". ) if you provide all this information at the first appointment you will save time, and you can start hormonal treatment faster.

For the endocrinologist I recommend Nantes (but other cities may also be suitable) I recommend this city and this hospital since the endocrinologist who manages this service is very respectful,and does not ask for any unnecessary proof, for example to have an appointment only a proof of the general practitioner is enough, you do not need proof of a Psy (Even if it is always better to have a Psy follow-up next door) it is also obvious that everything depends on how you are going to attend the appointment, you are much less likely than your request is accepted if you present yourself with clothes of your sex of origin for example, it is up to you to know how to present you to be credible.

The "ALD" + "prior agreement" (ask your GP) with the prior agreement you can get reimbursed for transport costs related to travel (if you are in a city you can easily choose an endocrinologist in another city (the return round trip will be refunded).

The ALD supports the speech therapist (feminisation of the voice) I advise you to make an appointment quickly the waiting time can be very long.

For information to access Nantes University Hospital (Saint-Herblain) from Nantes train station you have to take the tram line 1 to "François Mitterrand" then the bus line 93 until the end then you have arrived.

If you want to add information about how things are going in your country you are welcome

If parts of what I wrote are not understandable I invite you to send me an PM for not pollute the topic. Thank you.