Tranquility Swimmates? Are they useful?

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I was gonna go on a swim date with a friend of mine who lets me indulge in my AB side. I was wondering if anyone has used the Swimmates made by Tranquility and I was interested in the results. yay or nay?
I've got a sample pack of two from Tranquility. I've not tried them yet. If you want to wear them, sure go ahead. I'd not actually poop in them, they're really a last resort for those who might have an accident. If you do poop in them, get out IMMEDIATELY and change. They're not designed to hold for an extended period.
Nah, I just wanted to wear them because they were diapers. I wasn't going to "use" them. Just to be little while I'm with my friend :p
I got a sample pack of two, I tried one in the shower, worked pretty well, no major complaints with them. I actually really like them.
I use them, they are pretty nice. I dont need them, just wear them for the heck of it. I take swim lessons, and have them on under my suit. They have an interesting feeling to them.
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