Tranquility plastic-backed lineup changes (Select going away)


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I'm on the Tranquility mailing list, so I figured I'd make post for those who aren't, that their product lineup changed on Thursday (yesterday) effective immediately.

For those unaware, Tranquility manufactures 3 variations of all-white medical plastic-backed diapers as long as you get them in mediums or larger (some small and youth sizes have cloth-backing only). Before this week the 3 variations were Select, Slimline and ATN (from smallest to largest absorbency). Tranquility is discontinuing the Select Briefs line (plastic-backed diapers). This probably won't be a huge deal for most as these had the least absorbency.

The good news is that Slimline and ATN *should not* be affected as they weren't mentioned. This official link has the details:

The other changes appear to be product names and packaging. If anyone from Tranquility is reading this, please whatever you do, don't mess with the plastic-backing on the Slimlines and ATN!