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So I stumbled across these on Tranquility's website and requested a sample which showed up in the mail yesterday, and included 2 diapers and a $10.00 mail in rebate on a case. To tell you a bit about the diapers they are cloth backed but not bad, the cloth backing is like Seni or Tena. They are really soft and comfy and I am glad I got to try them out, the first one I slept in for about 9 hours and it held all night no problem but was completely full when I took it off this morning. The second one received alot more punishment, I put it on about 6:15 this morning then went to work and did a clutch job in a freightliner start to finish and then got about half done on another clutch job, when i got home at 3:30 I checked it, it was wet but still had room to go so I loaded my pickup with trash and made a dump run, after that I came home and mowed the lawn, at about 7pm I finally took it off and you could certainly tell the diaper had been through hell but it still fit snug and was only slightly damp feeling additionally it was actually basically intact. I think this would be a great diaper if you want something discreet and dont mind the soft cloth backing. I hope sharing this was helpful and I am sorry for my crap-tastic writing skills if some one thinks they can make this more reader friendly go for it. Thanks
Thanks for the heads up! I am always interested in trying a new diaper :)

Although, it looks like they have taken off the sample request for the Elitecare briefs from their site. I may just order some anyway. I was impressed with the SmartCore diapers, and I usually dont like cloth backed diapers. I would imagine that these are a more absorbent version of those.
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I was about to post something about the new Tranquility EliteCare diaper when I noticed this. I missed it when it was first posted. Thank you for the assessment, but I do have a question or two, if you don't mind.

I was surprised to see that these were cloth-backed, since the Tranquility ATNs were one of the last main-brand American diapers that were plastic. Do you find that the Velcro-like tapes stick well?

One of the biggest problems I've had with Tranquility ATNs was that they were so gel-heavy that they didn't wick well. The front of the diaper, for me, turns into a gelatinous goiter up front, but little wetness ended up in the back before they leaked.

Finally, are they worth it? On a cost-per-diaper basis, at $1.50 per diaper these cost about as much as the best diaper I've found: the Northshore Supreme. How do these compare?

Thank you in advance for your input.
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