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Hi. I've been using a combination of a variety of adult diapers, bladder control pads, and male guards, to manage my heavy urinary incontinence, since last year. So far, despite my best efforts, I still have issues where I leak out the side panels and/or leg cuffs.

Has anyone used, or is using, Topliner Contour Booster Pads from Tranquility? I just ordered 4 packs of 12. I am really hoping that they will solve my leakage issue. If you have or are using them now, please tell me how they have worked for you, and what your general opinion of them is. I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Have a great day!
I think the biggest thing to watch on them or any booster pad is that there is enough room in the crotch of the diaper for the booster to expand without pulling the leg elastic away from your skin.

I use them from time to time when I know I will probably need extra capacity before I'm able to change.
What diaper are you using? Best luck I've had with boosters genearlly depends heavily on the diaper itself. Without good leak gaurds, forget it.
Width is an issue with a lot of the diapers on the market right now, and a lot of the booster pads for diapers are wider than practical for the diapers out there. The comficare series diapers have a wider crotch than most others, with their leak guards spaced out wide enough for most boosters to fit comfortably.

You can also go for a narrower booster like the Totaldry bosters. Those are lower in sap and are longer, but narrower.
Hi thanks for the prompt replies. I'm using Wings Choice Plus diapers, Covidien item number 60034 in the large. I think they probably do have a large enough crotch and good leg gathers to accommodate the booster pads I ordered. The boosters come approximately 14" x 21" in size, and I measured one of my current diapers, and I think the booster will fit inside fairly well. I will let you know how it goes.
Never heard of those. Comficare? Space Diapers? These are best capacity diapers out there right now and really tall leak guards.

If you want diapers that really work, really last, try something premium.
I have used the Tranquility boosters with the Tranquility ATNs in the past. The combination was better than just an ATN by itself, but no where as good as better diapers. Leaking out the leg cuffs only happens to me when the diaper is either flooded beyond capacity or compressed before being ready. Leaking from the side panels is normally either a fluid direction issue or somehow blocking fluid from the crotch area. In my experience, higher end diapers are less prone to do this. Tranquility boosters do help and they are good boosters at their rated capacity. I like the Abena boosters better and there are other brands with higher capacity.

As for other diaper suggestions, Comficare is not available in the US and an IC user may not like the space graphics. I am partial to the Dry 24/7 diapers, Abena M4s are also good, and both XPmedical and NorthShoreCare make good house brands. The more important question would be what available products are available to the OP. Not every diaper is covered by insurance or may be purchased with spending accounts.
The only diapers I would trust to wear out and about are Northshore Supreme, ConfiDry 24/7, Tena Slip Maxi (or maybe their reinvented all plastic model I've heard about, or Abena level 4 (in that order). To that I'd add a Northshore Large booster. I don't know where you are (country mainly) so I realize some of these might not be easy to get, but the booster isn't your problem. The booster will help, but if the diaper is inherently flawed, you are going to have constant leaks. I think most diapers could handle it if you dripped like an old faucet, but an awful lot of them can't take any sort of bursts of output. It's disappointing. Tranquility ATN is one that I've always wanted to believe in, but fails every time I give it a shot.

I measured 45 ounces of non-leaking capacity in a Northshore Supreme medium the other day. Padding was completely wet front to back. My bladder generally holds 8 to 12 ounces before going urgent on me. I have OAB and in certain public situations I have to wear diapers if I can't be sure I can be within 5 minutes of a bathroom at any moment. I must be able to trust it not to leak.
Vinylfeet said:
I measured 45 ounces of non-leaking capacity in a Northshore Supreme medium the other day. Padding was completely wet front to back. My bladder generally holds 8 to 12 ounces before going urgent on me. I have OAB and in certain public situations I have to wear diapers if I can't be sure I can be within 5 minutes of a bathroom at any moment. I must be able to trust it not to leak.

That’s also been my experience with Northshore Supremes, moisture wicks throughout padding before leaking. The wicking along with somewhat bulky padding reminds me of cloth diapers. Cloth still works best for me at night, but Northshore Supremes are a close second without the negatives.
Just though of something. Are you laying on your side? I've never met a diaper that wouldn't leak if you were laying sideways. Laying on your back for sleep is the only hway.
The Bambino Quadro booster pads fit nicely within the Bellissimos' leak guards, which is to be expected since both products are made by the same company.
Wings Choice Plus are cheap, mostly useless, diapers. It's no wonder you are having problems with them. They don't absorb much, don't have leak guards, have cheap cloth-like backing, etc. If you are buying these yourself, please stop wasting your money. There are many, many better diapers out there that might work for you. If you are getting them free through insurance, Medicaid, etc., the best way to possibly get them to work would be to layer them...wear more than one (2-3) one on top of the other. If you do this, you need to cut slashes in the backing of the inner layers so that urine leaks through them, or better yet, use something like a Wartenberg pinwheel to poke a bunch of tiny holes in the backing. I bought mine on Amazon for about $5. Feel free to PM me for more specifics or tips.
AndresMommy, thank you for the tips. I don't find the diapers I am using excessively poor in quality, but you are right, they are cheap. Actually, the Wings Choice Plus have a plastic backing, just FYI. I am getting them free through my health insurance. I am hoping to win SSDI case for disability next February 2016. If I do, I will probably buy my own supply of top-quality diapers, like Molicare or Abena. I've been doing a lot of research about the best products out there. I can save the receipts / invoices from these purchases, and at the end of the year, I can submit them when I re-lease in November 2016 as unreimbursed medical expenses. The housing authority where i live actually credits you for these expenses, and lowers your monthly rent proportianlly according to the cost. So, all in all, a good deal. For now, I will just use up my abundant supply of insurance diapers and pads until they run out. I might as well not waste them. I find that if I use an extra-heavy male guard / pad with the Wings diapers, they tend not to leak as much. I just need to start changing more frequently and use more diapers per day. I am insurance approved for a supply of 4 diapers and pads a day. I've been using less than half of that supply lately. If I were to buy my own supply, it would cost me about $100 per month, but it would definitely be worth it. As to the question about sleep that another had replied in this post, i sleep on my side. Thanks again everyone. Please feel free to add me as a friend.
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