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This is a review of the Tranquility ATN diaper, size medium. I purchased a pack from Diaper Buys in April of 2015.

Appearance, Size and Features

The diaper is all white, except for the yellow wetness indicator running down the middle of the diaper. There is also technical writing in between the two lines of the wetness indicator.
These diapers are very crinkly, and somewhat thin. The crinkle is very noticeable when not covered up, but is still somewhat noticeable when wearing clothes over your diaper.
I stacked three diapers on top of each other to measure their thickness. The stack measured about 6.75 cm, so a single diaper is about 2.25 cm thick when folded and dry.
I also laid out the diaper flat and stretched it out to get more measurements. The length was about 76 cm, the width at the wings was about 61 cm, and the width at the center was about 22 cm.
Tranquility has also changed their packaging recently. I personally prefer the new packaging over the old packaging, but it doesn't make a huge difference.
The diaper has a standard two tape system, but each tape can be used twice. You first stick the blue tape, but if you mess up your placement or the tape breaks, you can stick the white tape.

Performance and Fit
I tested the liquid capacity of the diaper by putting it on and pouring water down the front in 100 mL increments, sitting for 30 seconds, and repeating the process until the diaper leaked. At 600 mL, I noticed wetness in the leg cuffs. At 900 mL, I noticed a small leak on my chair but deemed it too small to end the test. Finally, at 1,100 mL the diaper leaked heavily and I ended the test. On the package, the absorbency is stated to be 812 mL. This is probably about right due to my small leak at 900 mL. When refolded, the diaper measured about 7 cm thick, meaning that the diaper swelled to about 3 times the thickness of the dry diaper.

I then put on a fresh diaper to test it in use. This diaper seems to fit me particularly well; I have about a 33" waist and was able to get it snug right away. I wet it heavily once, and moderately two other times. It lasted about 3 and a half hours, but I was sitting when wetting it. If you wet it less heavily, it should probably last longer. The tapes held just fine, though other times I've used the diaper they have slipped a little bit. As I mentioned before, the diaper is very crinkly. I will also mention that this diaper feels very wet when it is wet, and doesn't have the best wicking.

Price and Final Thoughts
I purchased these diapers from, where they are sold for $9.15 in packs of 12. They are also available in size extra small, small, large, and extra large. The Tranquility ATN is a diaper that's not quite premium, but is better than store brands. It works well as a daytime diaper, and can be used as a night time diaper though I wouldn't recommend that you use it as such. Its crinkle and high rise also make it a good AB/DL diaper. If you're thinking about picking some up, go for it.
I wear it due to cost issues and being tight in money its as close to premium as can afford.

Actually there's a cheaper one that's almost as good. You see there's Tranquility Slimline diapers instead of the ATN. The only difference is literally how much it can hold. The slimline uses less SAP and is otherwise exactly the same as the ATN otherwise. (I.E. Same leak guards, dimensions, tapes, the plastic backing, Etc.) Basically they cost less because they use less SAP and that's it. I use those because their actually the best my insurance can cover (as in average instead of outright trash which I'm content with actually). It's cheaper to get the Tranquility Slimline instead of the ATN though their capacity is pathetic. I just use boosters which my insurance will cover as well to fix that issue. Be advised the Slimline even looks like the ATN in this picture just not as thick. They do swell though.

By the way very good review luvtowearpampers! :smile1:
Unless I know I'll be home for long enough to use something much thicker, ATNs are my diaper of choice. My only real complaint is the wicking as the reviewer mentioned. It can be difficult to use most of the padding because it just refuses to spread. I'm guessing this is due to the super high SAP content. Does anyone with knowledge of boosters know if a pulp pad like the abenas would help with distribution?
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