Training Pants.

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those are also sold on amazon and a website called baby pants I would try looking there
I use Baby-pants training pants on a regular basis for bedwetting. I find them comfortable to wear and they do a good job of absorbing. Of course, you must wear water-proof pants over them. The ones in the picture you linked above are Baby-pants brand. A good place to check for training pants is Baby-pants has some of theirs listed on eBay at about normal price. Baby-pants also has their own website: where you can order. Baby-pants also sells their own brand of plastic pants which I also use and like. I generally order through eBay. Some other members here have talked about other brands that they use and like and I believe those brands are very good, too. I hope other members will give their preferences here, too. Good luck with buying. Enjoy!
Thanks for replying, I didn't even think of amazon as a place for that sort of thing!
Now time to spend hours on amazon :) yay!

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I did have a look on eBay, but the UK ebay seem to be lacking that type of thing, or might be me searching..
Yes, I get mine through Amazon and they are offered by Baby Pants. If it helps, I'm a 32" waist and the mediums fit me well.
Ok after a while searching amazon and ebay it seems the best places are in the US, there seems to be a big lack of choice and feedback on the UK places, might have to look into making my own! that would be interesting I think.
I also got mine via baby pants (it seems like everyone just resells their prints). I'm a 30" waist, btw, and I got one pair of small and one of medium and they both fit, so that seems to be the borderline.
I also bought 2 pair from baby pants; one is the thickest and other one is the lighter option one. I like both!
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