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Training Pants for Nights?


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Happy Friday everyone! SIDF at that too

So, I think this is a decent sub to post this in, if it needs to be moved the mods can do as they wish.

I decided to indulge my little side a little by purchasing a pacifier from Rearz. While navigating their website, I did have something catch my eye; training pants and in a size small! https://rearz.ca/rebel-training-pants/ While I use Goodnites for my needs, i wouldn't object into a washable option, at least it could be more discrete than trying to sneak a wet pull up into the trash as the individual I hide this from would never question me doing laundry as he is incapable of doing it, not to mention a one time investment would be more economical in my current financial situation (and no Amazon boxes landing on the door step either). As in one of my last threads I posted when I was quite sick, and feel bad for not getting back to responses, maybe I would have better discipline with a more underwear like option, even compared to my Goodnites. Anyways, my questions:

1) Does anyone else use these vs disposables? How do you like them, and how well do they absorb, what would you estimate their capacity? My bladder might only be slightly larger than a mustard seed, but I wouldn't want to be trying something that is ineffective.

2) I get that they are washable, just how do you wash/dry them? Is there any component that wears out, or is it just a thick section of material that absorbs?

3) Do you need plastic pants to cover them? I haven't read anything definitive on that, other than being a little disappointed that Rearz doesn't produce their own with Safari or Rebel prints.

4) Anything you would advise someone on a reusable option that would make life a little easier?



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I bought a pair of their white training pants. They are super comfortable, but I am not one to really wet all that often. I have researched them quite a lot before I bought them. From what I have read, you will need to wear plastic pants with them as they are not waterproof. They are basically underwear with some kind of foam central pad. Another product you might be interested in is Super Undies. They have a waterproof central area and stretchy sides like the Goodnites, but they are a washable product.


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In general, training pants are meant for a few drips or a very light wetting. You know, the kind a child might get after being potty trained. That is, a kid will wear training pants until they are sure of no more accidents.

Therefore they are normally not meant to be worn with plastic pants.

However, there is no reason that you can't wear training pants as a diaper - that is to really wet. If you do, then you must use plastic pants.

When I wash my training pants (from Baby Pants), I just throw them into my regular clothes wash and then into the dryer.

I do not use plastic pants with my training pants because I don't wet them.

To wash plastic pants (when I use them for cloth diapers), I rinse them in the shower and then hang them up to dry. I never use the washer or dryer.

There is a diaper called and All-In-One (AIO). This is basically a cloth diaper with an outer plastic shell in one. In my opinion, AIO's are convenient to use but are difficult to clean/wash. The plastic will deteriorate faster than the cloth and you have to line dry the AIO because the plastic doesn't stand up to dryer heat.