Tom Clancy's Division

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  1. Diaper Lover
Are u gonna purchse it? I tested the ps4 beta the other we, I really loved it. But I think it's more fun with a group of 4 or more ppl playing it regularly, what do u guys think?
I am considering purchasing this game. I need to find out the system requirements for it to see if my rig can handle it. My system is almost 10 years old so it is getting close to time to build a new box.
I played the beta on Xbox, but I honestly wasn't blown away as I thought I would be by the E3 videos. I might get it at some point, but like you said it's a better multiplayer game and ATM my usual group are busy with other things; some not even bothering.
I have it for my Xbox one. I'm really enjoying it.
I'll have to pick this up for PC someday on sale. I had no interest in it before... because I didn't know what it was. I thought it was a linear first person shooter. However, I'm also in no hurry to buy it. I have a ton of other open world third person games to play anyway.
I was traveling for work upon launch of the division. My friends all purchased it, played it, and were bored by the time I got home nearly a week and a half later. I'm trying to slow down on buying every game that comes out, as I'm trying to be more responsible with my money, but I usually will buy a new game if it means a good time with my friends online.. The Division doesn't seem like that at this moment.
Well, I'm still thinking and watching about this game. Haven't bought it.
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