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So today I came out as an abdl to my gf and she came out telling me that she still sleeps with her blankey and that no matter what we will always be together I'm the happiest person I had to share.
YAY That's so great! :) :)

It's awesome to have accepting and understanding people around you. especially since you'll be able to be open about it now.
Awesome! congrats, and good job on getting the guts together to tell her.
In another thread I was asking what the point is of telling people ( or was it on wb-community board? whatever )
However telling people *around you* is of course indesputable priceless, if it goes ok. So congratulations to you. Am really happeez to see this kinda stuff going on.
May this result in an even more fun way of life for both of you.
nice, hope every thing continues to go well.
Lucky you!
I've also told someone myself, they pretty much gave me the
"Eh, whatever" response.
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