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I have been a Dl for as long a I can remember. Until today I had only ever told one fling who I knew I wouldnt see again.

I just couldnt bring myself to tell her in person, so I txt her today when I was at work. She didnt beleive me at first. She then asked if I have told my parents or seen a doctor. I told her its more common than you think.

She said it was weird but said for me to tell her if I want some private time (she lives with me).

She seems all happy tonight. Ive ordered some nappies but dnt know when a good time is to wear them.. has anyone else had similar reactions? Do your reckon she will become less weirded out about nappies?
I've shared my story here a few times, but I will share it again. I told my wife a few months back after keeping it a secret for almost 12 years of marriage. At first, she was like, "that's weird, but it's okay. I'm not into it, but that's fine if you are. As long as you keep it private, then I'm good." It was the best night of my life. I had dreaded and thought about telling my wife since before we were married and now I had finally done great results. The next day, everything changed. I got a text the next day telling me how gross I am and that I have mental issues and that I must be possessed by a demon or something. I went from elated to devastated. When I got home, she was crying and started yelling at me, saying I'm not the man she married and out whole marriage has been a lie. How could a grown man want to wear diapers for pleasure/comfort? She said she needed time to think about things. Then after about a week, she came back to me and apologized and said she was wrong at that she wants me to keep wearing if it makes me happy. She will never understand it, but if it makes me happy and it's not hurting anybody, then there's no problem. She even asked if she could see me in one. So that night, I let her see me in one for the first time ever. I was beyond nervous. When I lowered my pajama pants and revealed my diaper to her, she slowly looked down and touched it and declared that it wasn't as bad as she had imagined and she is okay with it. She even put one on to try to understand my attraction to them, but took it off after a few minutes. She let me keep mine as we watched TV until we went to bed. She had told me she doesn't want it in the bed which I understood completely. She reiterated that she is okay with me eating in private. She said she has no problem with me putting one on right before leaving to work and then removing it as soon as I get home from work. So I went to bed a happy man. A week or so later I got the diaper urge and I diapered up before work that die at home for the first time, instead of doing it at a gas station restroom and it felt great. My day diapered was great. I was so happy. When I got home, I kissed my wife and went straight to the restroom to take off my now wet diaper. I bagged it up and took it out to the trash. When I got back in the house, there was my wife sitting on the couch crying. I obviously knew what it was about, but I asked her anyways. She said she is sorry, but she just can't be okay with this. It makes her too uncomfortable and it makes her see me differently. So after talking a while, she gave me the ultimatum to either stop wearing or she will take the kids and leave. Wow...I was once again so deflated and depressed. She even told me that she wishes she would have told me before marriage so she could have easily just left me then. Ouch. I was speechless. I was so hurt and I wanted to just die on the spot, but I promised her I would do everything I could to stop wearing. I told her I can't promise the desires will ever go away, but I would do my best to deny myself the diapers. We have gotten back to normal since then and life has continued as is, but my diaper desire is still there and it gets overbearing. I actually gave into it a few weeks back and wore again. I couldn't help it.

TL:DNR - Just because your wife was okay with it at first, doesn't mean she will be good with it later. Once it all sinks in, she could flip. For your sake, I hope she doesn't do that, but just be prepared for some major emotional drama from her.
Good for you buddy, though you will have to talk about this with her also. I'm happy for you that she's giving it a chance, she obviously loves you dude. I told my partner a couple of years ago with a bit of a confidence boost from members here, and she was also pretty cool with it. Cause you identify as DL. it probably won't be to crazy for her to deal with. For me being pretty much AB, my partner still struggles a bit with the regression, though I know she tries, but hasn't quite embraced it :dunno: we're still working on it. main thing is we're still together and things are as good as ever. Keep looking after your relationship, and make sure that you look after her needs as well. Let her find her own way to participTe if and when that ever happens. good luck :)
My fiancé didn't take it well at first, but she didn't leave me. She seems to over think just about everything, so I wasn't surprised that she was scared by my DL side. That was five years ago. Although she has participated a little throughout this time, she has the attitude of "I'm not into this, but it's okay that you are. I accept you, but please respect certain boundaries I have with this." I agreed with this whole-heartedly and she made me the happiest man in the world.

Over the last 2-3 years, she helped me come to terms with my bladder issues as well, which many will find very bizarre that she made no connection between the two. Honestly, there really isn't any real connection unless some want to say that wearing diapers occasionally has harmed me in some way, which it hasn't.
My wife was very accepting when I told her, but I'm her kidney dialysis partner and there's a lot I do in terms of taking care of her. Any relationship deals with give and take, however. No one is perfect and we all have our quirks. I'm glad she seems to be the accepting type. Many people are so perhaps you got lucky.
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