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Well, I know I haven't posted in quite a long time, I've been off and on for a while lately. But I just wanted to share with all of you my recent experience with coming out to my girlfriend about my Little side and how I went about doing it.

To start off, I met her several years ago when we both worked at the same retail store together. I didn't actually start dating her until recently though, within a month, because at the time of me working with her, we were both in our own relationships, and I eventually found a better job elsewhere. I visited the store again about a month ago and she was still working there. She was excited to see me, and so I asked her if she wanted to go out some time, not knowing if she was in a relationship currently or not. Obviously, I found out very shortly after that she wasn't in a relationship and was excited that I had asked her out. We had several dates and texted constantly back and forth, just getting to know each other better, you know, the basic first few dates routine.

She told me several times that she really likes me, and wants to know a lot more about me. Now, I'm a very honest and open person, but my little side is something that I don't share with everyone, like many of you. However, she kept asking me questions about me, which eventually lead to what kinks I am into, if any, and what I enjoy in private. Mind you, she is a very warm, and down to earth person and from what I have so far been able to learn about her, shes also an honest and understanding person, but I was still skeptical about telling her about it, but I also don't like keeping secrets from someone who has good potential of me having a very serious relationship with, and I much prefer having my "skeletons in the closet", so to speak, out early in the relationship, so that I don't get too attached and end up having it fall apart as a result of sharing part of who I am in the future.

I asked her if she knew what ageplay was, I was not surprised that she didn't. I explained the more broadscope of ageplay, without going into a finer detail about what aspect of it I enjoyed most, just to gauge her reactions as I explained the various types of ageplay and roles. Much to my surprise, she was actually really interested in it. She asked me which style of ageplay I was more into, again, I was skeptical and shy still about telling her, but she was reassuring to me, and told me that she is very open minded and is willing to try most things at least once. Needless to say, I told her that I was into the big and little aspect of it, and explained to her about DD/LG and MD/LB. I was completely shocked that she was very happy about me telling her. She told me that it was all okay, and that theres nothing wrong with it, which I knew of course but depending on a persons perception that could be different. She said that she actually was eager to try it out. So far she has been very great about it and has accepted me for who I am, and doesn't think lesser of me as a result, in fact, shes more into me.

Like most of you who have opened up to your significant other, I am still taking things slow with her, and not rushing into everything at full speed, but rather slowly opening up a little more each time with her, and she has been nothing but completely supportive and encouraging me to embrace it more often with her. Who knows where this will go, it's still really early on in the relationship, but it seems as though she really enjoys being with me, no matter what my kinks or little secrets are.

I just wanted to share this with you all, and hopefully I'll be more active and can share more experiences about all of this. Thanks for reading. :)

- CrazyTyler
I am glad I told my fiancé as well. I did not tell as early in the relationship because I was not aware of my buried feelings. I am so deeply in love with him 18 months later. He incorporates my likes into our play quite often.
It's always a great thing when one finds another thats OK with it all. There are alot of people that are out there but don't say anything or keeps it all a secret. My wife has always been OK with me wearing but I was scared to say anything about my ab side and when I did she was fine and has done things to ensure me she is fine with it. When u find a rare other keep them close and don't let them go
Random question, but what does DD and MD stand for? I know LG = Little Girl and LB = Little Boy.
ToddlerNaruto said:
Random question, but what does DD and MD stand for? I know LG = Little Girl and LB = Little Boy.

DD stands for Daddy Dom and I don't know about MD but I'm guessing Master Dom
MD = Mommy Dom

Im happy for you, CrazyTyler. :) I'm the same way with my relationships. If you can't handle my normal, you'll never be able to handle my weird. Lol

('Weird' is normal for me. :3)
Cookie, you're not an idiot. Quite frankly, I wouldn't be surprised if the majority of the community didn't know what MD stood for, primarily because it is not very common. It's actually fairly difficult to find on the web as well. So don't beat yourself up or consider yourself an idiot. And... I'd actually like to say that you're very smart. Because smart people ask questions they don't know the answer to, because they want to learn. :)
Crazy Tyler, speaking as someone who is in the best ABDL relationship I have ever even heard of, let alone experienced(And it has been incredible for over 2 years now), I have some advice:

This is a beautiful, wonderful gift that you have. I know it doesn't seem that way sometimes. It seems downright strange to have these desires. And many people have told you it is something you "keep to yourself," or " its shameful," or "fine, but don't include me," but if you hear those voices and believe that this is some sort of a "fault" that she has to tolerate in you, you will likely present it as a fault.

It is not a fault, it's what you like, and that's wonderful, and even more wonderful if you can express this to somebody. Whatever you say to her about it, always, always be telling yourself that this is a precious and wonderful side of you. I don't know if you are exactly like me, but I have discovered recently that my little side has a whole set of expressions. When I am nursing, for example, my hands jerk and grab at my partner, in a very intimate and loving way, like a baby would. We gaze into each others eyes and feel a cosmic connection. I swear we are high on oxytocin most of the time.

Depending on how much "DL" you are, and how much "AB" you are, this may or may not be helpful: There are ways to start slowly, and it doesn't mean you do a light scene where she feeds you pudding or something. This is where you cuddle on the couch, and then you very lightly let your arms act a wee bit more babyish than normal. It is VERY important for ABDL's to reciprocate affection, it completes the circle. As you progress in exploration, try getting a bit more "into her arms," and if she feels comfortable, maybe nuzzling her breast. This is all very light stuff, non-sexual, non diaper, non scary. Ask her afterward if she could tell when you were regressing, and tell her things that make you feel little. This is the foundation you build on, and it can go anywhere you take it.

My partner and I, we progress to PIV sex most times, sometimes 4 times in a day(!). This is quite shocking to me, because prior to this relationship, I had firmly declared myself a non-sexual person, ABDL was all I wanted. Now, I just express my baby, and we take the journey together, wherever it leads. My partner and I do not switch, and I don't "do things for her" because she "did this thing for me," we are mutual explorers discovering the joy of this stuff. God, I wish someone had told me this years ago... just be yourself, it's a really precious part of you to offer.
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