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I,m not sure if i should get toddler diapers eg Pampers sitze 6-7. i have a 30" waist and i am quite Curvey but i am Around average Weight for my size 5foot 3 and 8 and a half stone. Should i Consumer just getting them. Who is my sitze and has tried the Pampers 6-7.
30" is, I think, slightly too large, but it's not so far off as to be impossible. I haven't tried them myself, but I'm sure some people will have suggestions. Also, you can use them as liners or doublers even if you can't wear the whole diaper.
I'd say that you "might" fit into pampers cruisers size 6 or 7 since they have very strechy sides but it would be a tight fit. If they don't fit you could always use them as a liner like archieroni said.
I'm 5ft and weigh around 8 stone, I'm curvy too and I fit into pampers size 6+, you'll fit 😊 my other favourites are drynites 4-7, they have cute patterns, have a look on the diaper forum and I have a thread called pull up hack, take a look it may help 😊
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