To purge or not to purge, that's the question

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I have recently made the decision to put my existing house for sale because I found a house I like on a large lake. Before I go ahead and put the house on the market I'm cleaning and condensing things, I am able to move quite a bit back to my parents home while I wait for my place to sell, the idea is to get rid of the clutter and make my house look bigger to anyone that's interested in it. Now the question is what do I do with all my diapers, I have 4 huge 35gal tots filled to the brim with my stash. Do I take a chance and leave them at my parents house, do I leave them at my place and let perspective buyers go near them when I'm not home? Do I waste money and get a storage place and keep them there.. Big decision to make
If the storage bins are opaque, I'd just leave them be in your house and not worry about it.
Rent a small self-storage unit. They're usually not very expensive and I'm guessing you'd only a need it for a month or two. You could use it store other stuff during the move too if there's any space left.
I would put them at your parents place and pile stuff on them to keep them closed. Any questions from parents there clothes and other things but make sure there covered.
It certainly seems like a waste to throw all that out. I like the storage rental suggestion if you're really worried about your parents looking into your stuff, but as has been said, unless the containers are see-through, you could probably just stack them below a bunch of other stuff and nobody will ever look twice at them.
Thanks everyone, I settled with bringing them to my parents, but wrapping duct tape around them, along with other totes to make it all look the same,
I'd leave them in your house for sale in the garage or something. Prospective buyers won't mess with them.
The parents house might be the best choice. If they go snooping, say it is your life choice. Kind of like how I have a letter in my stash for my Mom's eyes only. It mentions that if this is the worst thing I've done so far (I am never drinking or doing drugs), that she atleast tolerate it, if not support it (in terms of making sure I don't go overboard on spending). It is kind of one of those things could stoop lower, so it is best to put a tolerance peg in it to keep it from descending any further.
Honestly I'd just transfer the diapers to cardboard moving boxes and tape them shut and mark them so you know what's in them. Assuming you have sane parents that you don't expect to go snooping through sealed boxes.
Trevor said:
If the storage bins are opaque, I'd just leave them be in your house and not worry about it.

I agree. If you're really worried about that can you put them in a suitcase with a lock. I don't seem people going through storage bends when shopping for a new house. I wouldn't purge.
Don't purge! I rent a 5'x5' indoor, temp controlled storage locker. It makes it easy to keep my diapers out of the way.
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