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Hello everyone,

I recently went thrift store shopping and stumbled upon something unexpected - ABDL diapers and boosters! It was quite an exciting discovery, and I couldn't resist sharing my experience with all of you along with a few pics of the haul. I know this topic has come of from time to time over the years, (gosh did I just date myself on here haha)

When I first spotted the ABDL products, I couldn't believe my eyes. They were priced differently from the other medical adult diapers, and the cashier seemed to find my enthusiasm amusing as I scoured the store to find them all as they were spread out across several locations. In the end, I came away with seven bags of Tykables boosters and two bags of size L NRU in pink. Unfortunately, I'm a size medium, but I often host ABDL events and parties so always a good idea to have a mix of sizes. I'm pretty shameless when it comes to a good deal, and I'm thrilled to have found these at such a bargain price.

Now, I know that some people might be hesitant to buy ABDL products from a thrift store. After all, these items are typically meant for personal use and it's understandable to have concerns about hygiene and cleanliness. However, I made sure to carefully inspect each bag and only selected ones that were in good condition and appeared to be unused.

Overall, I'm really happy with my thrift store find. It just goes to show that you never know what treasures you might uncover when you're out and about. Has anyone else had a similar experience with finding ABDL products at a thrift store or unexpected location? I'd love to hear your stories and thoughts.

Thanks for reading, and happy diaper hunting!

Best regards,

OKDB (JayPup :p)


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WHere was this? Someone hit the purge button really hard here.
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loadedpamperman said:
WHere was this? Someone hit the purge button really hard here.
What a fine! Those tykables dubblers are to die for! And combined with the Str8ups. The capacity is unsurpassed. Congratulations on your find.
Giving ya an " HI FIVE" for that fantastic fine !!
Holy that’s an awesome score🤩🤩🤩
I just feel for the AB/DL who hit the purge button that’s £150 worth of stuff
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