Thread Jacking - Can Something Be Done About This?

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How many times have we seen threads that have been started by an Original Poster (OP) and then the thread and question strays way off-topic and perhaps even into a heated debate?


I'm just a simple teddy bear cowboy, who understands cows and horses maybe more than social media stuff, but I have on many occasions been here on ADISC when a thread gets "threadjacked" by someone or several people who are trying to make their own point on something and then the original question that the OP made gets lost because of the turn of discussion in the thread.

This can be very frustrating, for viewers, for the OP, and it seems to negatively impact individuals responses as a thread turns toward an argument rather than answering the original question or thought.

I get that we often discuss topics that may have extreme differences in opinon. This is actually refreshing to have a forum and medium to be able to discuss things like this in a safe manner. But sometimes these turn a bit ugly and non-productive. I appreciate when the moderators chime in and close the thread and keep things from boiling over. But it is also sad to see threads that are closed because of this, when the original post was innocent and if people had only responded to the question at hand, there could have been much more beneficial discussion.

I see ADISC as a support group and one where we are here to help others. This doesn't mean we always need to agree, but perhaps if a thread starts going sideways from its intent, is there some way that moderators or even members could do something to point out it has gone astray and bring it back on track?

Just a crazy thought, but if there was some means or a heightened effort to emphasize this it would be appreciated.

Perhaps we could have a non-violent protest of no more threadjacking? LOL

Teddy Bear Suggested Politeness Rules:

1) Answer the post in a non-confrontational manner
2) Don't monopolize the thread or respond to everyone who responds to share your point of view (unless it happens to be your thread and you are responding to responses to your question)
3) Keep responses on topic :eek:ntopic: --if there is another question or debate, make your own separate thread in the forum it belongs.

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