Thoughts on different kinds of Pacifier Nipples.

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So as an ageplayer, one of the biggest thing's ive been wondering about is how people feel about the different kinds of nipples seen on pacifiers. I know its a moderately simple question, but to me, I wonder. What is one's favorite's kind of nipple and why? Are some, in general, much easier on the mouth? Are some more natural? Nipple Confusion!
I've always preferred the nipples made by Nuk. They just fit in my mouth better. Plus since they were the first brand that I originally got several years ago, I've just always preferred their guard design and nipple shape. I have tried a couple others and just never really cared for them as much.

I'm currently using a size 7 from Pacifiers R Us. The Nuk 7 isn't officially made by Nuk, it's just a Nuk guard with a nipple that's designed to look like their nipple, only much larger.
I'm actually with experiments with some kind of homemade nipples and... Result of resizing my first paci (similar when I was new born baby) I restored the same way of suck. I think all we can remember our baby paci, guess inconsciently. But I remember using pacis as a kid. When resized and assembled into some shield that nipple, I restored my "infantil" memories of "How to..." in a few seconds. Here it comes:

That "my paci nr. 1" is the yellow one on the top. On the left are two original baby pacis to compare results. I know I've very bad foto, may some day I put something more.
I have two paci's that are NUK 5's and I use NUK because they are the ones that I originally used when I really got into being and AB/DL and they fit pretty well in my mouth.
Yea to be honest at this point, after my attempt at using rounded, I feel that the more angled one's that NUK does would probably fit my mouth as it is bigger. We'll just have to see.
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