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Hey again everyone, another question for everyone (sorry for so many lately). I've been thinking about giving cloth diapers a shot recently and have read a lot about Dependeco lately. Seems like they make really good products but as always. I wanted to see what everyone else thought of them. In particular I'm looking at the AIO PUL diaper. I emailed Monika and she said they aren't very thick as they are intended to be used as something that could be worn out and about on a daily basis. I've only used disposables up to this point and I'm wondering what disposable would be the closest to it from a fit/thickness standpoint as well as absorbency. Also want to get a doubler or two.

Thanks again to everyone!
I have a few of them and really like them. I prefer the flannel over the cotton PUL because the fabric feels warmer. Base (without) any boosters is about as thick as an ABU Space. Tend to wear them with 2 stuffer, and if I know the Niagara falls are coming, I'll add a third. I do use plastic pants with them though
You can use a couple of her cloth boosters to add thickness (that is what I did).
Thank you very much Okram! This is exactly the kind of information I was looking for! Could you describe the stuffers? How thick are they? I've used the abena abri-lets before. Are the dependeco ones similar? I saw the dimensions on her website but it doesn't give a thickness measurement.

Thanks again for everyone being so helpful.
The boosters are about the same thickness as an abri-let.

Just keep in mind that they don't swell when they get wet. I wear my Dependicos like underwear and rarely use them. I like the thickness but found I didn't like the capacity, even when boosted.
Both the dependeco and stuffer sound pretty much perfect. Can't wait to get mine. I'm probably not going to wear them for wetting purposes, mostly like undies same as you (though always good to be able to if I need to). So excited!!!
You can buy toddler prefolds to stuff in them. You can get them pretty cheap in comparison. You can get them for a couple bucks each from changingtimes. They are 4x8x4 layers thick. When trifolded it'll be 16 layers thick. They absorb more than the liners.
Just put my order in for 1 AIO PUL and 2 stuffers. Can't wait to give it a whirl once it arrives. Also put in an order for a sample pack from ABU so I can figure out what size will work best for me. Soooo excited!!!
Did you get the pretty ones :p. I'm conflicted between iron man and pink with green froggies..

I find that the Velcro in them is outstanding, as there are 2 "tapes" and not a single the tops dont tend to roll down like the cheap Chinese ones. The laundry tabs mean that the Velcro is still like new as well. First ones I have had for a year now I think
Not a huge fan of all the crazy prints =) (although something about the frilly pink one caught my eye). Got myself a pair that is royal blue! Both relatively discreet yet colorful at the same time.
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