Thoughts on abena abri form premium medium level 3 pull ups


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Anyone have any opinions on these and or feedback. Like how good are they 🤔
I don't as I don't use pull ups
I've used the small version of this pull up. I preferred to go one size down as I'm at the bottom end of medium and I find these pull ups can be big and will stretch even more with my movement overnight, leading to sagging; I'll wear underwear over them to prevent that. The small version holds enough for me overnight, usually. Quick absorption but, odor control not as good as plastic backed products.

I keep them handy for times when a proper diaper is not necessary or being discrete is more important.
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I used them for a couple months, and I totally agree with Sil. These pull-ups stretch and sag really bad with motion and weight (wettings) this leads to improper fit and some of the worst rash and rubbing I've had. I preferred the seni and northshore pull-up styles to these.
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I’ve tried these once. Felt like I was wearing a cinder block between my legs. the pad was not flexible in the least. Personally I prefer proper diapers as being the best combination of fit and protection.
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As far as pullups go I think it's about that best out there. I to prefer premium diapers. The pullups are never thick enough.
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Sorry wish I could ! This gal is pretty much a premium diaper user !
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