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I couldn't sleep last night. Around 2:00, got out of bed in a dry diaper mind you and went to the couch. Also, trying walk out of the bedroom with out waking your wife in a diaper, pretty hard. Anyway, poured myself a whisky hoping that would make me tired. I was on the blog reading and responding to some posts when I realized I'm in a diaper and wearing a onesie and footed pajamas. Thought to myself, what are you doing? This foolish. Act your age! So I was going to take my diaper off and go to bed but wanted to finish up writing a response in the general forum. While I was doing that, I realized I had just stopped peeing. Now I'm like, is that it? Am I going go again when I'm in bed? I did have a drink to help me sleep but now I'm worried I'll wet the bed.

So I stayed in the diaper and went to bed. I woke up in the diaper was soaked and my pajamas around the stomach was soaked and transferred a little to the bed. I didn't tell my wife and just took the sheets off and started washing them like we normally do here and there.

My wife is out of town this weekend and I'm going to try to go to bed without diapers. Here's the catch. Will my anxiety come back? Especially since I'll be alone? If it does will I need to take a Xanax? Is that the smartest thing to take before bed? In sure that will zombiefy myself right through a couple bed wettings. Ugh
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