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This place looks familiar... (Hello Again!)

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  1. Diaper Lover
I remember being a member of the old tbdl.org forum before that crash that led to adisc.org. :rolleyes: It feels good to be back among this friendly crowd. Now the big question: will you guys let me join in with open arms? :hug:

Maybe I should give a little introduction again... just in case most of you forgot. I'm Sean, a high school student with a strange fetish for diapers. :eek: I've dealt with this for over five years now, and I am really starting to accept this strange but normal "behavior". Behavior might not be the best word... how about condition? No? Well, I'm sure someone will fill-in the appropriate word. :educate:

I hope to join in the discussions this time because I was strangely quiet last time. Nice to meet all of you! :)
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