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I was wondering how to dribble and wet my diapers more naturally. I just want to be more like a toddler without injuring myself like people may suggest! Eek! :sweatdrop:

Also how do I make myself not embarrassed when I go diaper shopping or for other baby stuff and also how to be less anxious in real life around people? I also have anxiety at home like when I play with my toys in the front room which has a bay window and when I rummage through my toys in my room or have kid TV shows when my brother is in the same room. I can understand my anxiety on this one, diaper changing when my brother is coming out of his room or going into his room! He might come in, eek! But he barely does apart from to ask for money!

This may be a lot for you to ask but I just want to be carefree again!
For your first question the answer is practice. Just wear a diaper and every time you feel your bladder get a little full force yourself to go. Eventually it will become more second nature though be careful if you do not wear all the time you may forget and let it go in your pants when you are not padded.

As for diaper shopping that is also experience. The more you do it the more it becomes second nature. You will realize no one cares what you are buying they are too into their own lives.
I will second what xolyshaxo said - you simply need to practice. Very few (if any) of us started with no embracement the first time.
Yes i agree what the other are saying or if you found it to be a big problem when it comes to diaper shopping way dont order your diapers online?
I meant dribbling from my mouth, strange request I know but it's todllerish.
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