This just in at work...

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Heh. If they only knew... (The bottom, originating, message is from the office manager; the top message is from the managing professional / owner of the firm.)
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I'm 99% sure prohibiting your employees from using the restroom is illegal...
I concur this sounds HIGHLY illegal.
Um, guys, it's a law office, and we do employment law (among other areas of practice). I'm positive he's not serious.
Fabulous message!

I can't stand using toilets that previous twerps either can't aim to save themselves or for some reason can't use the brush provided not forgetting those freaks that are just too lazy to press the button.

I also use a piece of paper to open the door when leaving our bathroom at work since so many guys have never got into the habit of washing their hands.... Using those door handles is the equivalent of shaking some guys penis.
Although I agree with the poor manners bit, no company is allowed to reject bathroom access
Seems as though some people have no common sense of cleaning up after themselves. The email though, I'm very sure was meant to be shaming. The whole "you know who you are" bit, can go quite a ways.
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